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I'm Angela.
I started blogging in January of 2006, originally on myspace, which now seems hilarious. Also originally under the name Diapers & Stilettos, which at the time seemed much akin to my state of motherhood and never occurred to me as something that potentially could sound kind of kinky... until later when someone pointed it out. 
But the kids outgrew diapers, and at some point in 2007 I switched over to Blogger and changed the name to Stilettos & Grace.
This blog is a collection of thoughts on varied things. From faith to family to fashion... it all entwines, so it all gets talked about on here.

I firmly believe we each have talents and abilities, placed inside us before we even had our first glimpse of this world. We were made to be a light, make an impact and live a full life.

"I have come that you may life, and life to the full."
-Jesus, John 10:10

I live my life that way, and am passionate about others rising to do the same. We were not put here by accident, and we were not put here to sit on the sidelines.
You are on this earth to shine the Light of the One who created you.
The visions and dreams that whisper in your heart at night... in those quiet moments? HE put them there.
And He sent his son, Jesus, to make the way for you to live them out.
This has nothing to do with rules or religion and everything to do with relationship.
We are called to stand in the beauty and strength our Creator has given us, and I will encourage you (quite literally) to the ends of the earth to do exactly that.

God created us to desire beauty and feel beautiful. It should not consume us, either in the pursuit of beauty or in feeling like we're not beautiful.
We should know we are, because we were created to be, and we operate confidently out of that.
I'm a huge proponent of thrifting and sales, and proclaim loudly you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a quality wardrobe that you love and feel great in.

I'm married to an amazing man who encourages me to pursue my dreams, and also happens to be in the United States Air Force.
We live in Colorado Springs with our four crazy kids and are honored to call New Life Church our home.
We have lived in Oregon, Washington, California and Montana, and have incredible church friends and family in each of those places, as well as spread all over the world.
We dream big dreams together, and stand in awe as God repeatedly does what He says He'll do and calls us to walk out those big dreams.
On any given day you can find me living in my Suburban as I transport kiddos to football, baseball, wrestling, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, youth groups, choirs, worship teams, play practices or what have you.
In my vast amounts of spare time I lead worship, speak and sing from platforms, plan women's conferences, travel the world, blog, invade thrift stores and occasionally do the laundry.
My house is actually lived in, and it looks that way.
If you show up at my door you'll probably find me in sweatpants.
Each step I take is by grace alone, and I am so thankful for every. single. one.

"And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what had been spoken to her by the LORD."
-Luke 1:45

(For booking requests, please contact me via the Ask Angela link.)

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