Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10,000 Reasons

Had my world rocked this morning.

Not that that is uncommon for me. It happens quite often. Halted in my path by a sudden realization... a call to battle... my heart leaping into my throat, breath stopping short in my lungs.

Bobbie Houston posted this on Instagram:

My arrested thoughts were overtaken by the line on repeat: "Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find..."

Emotion welled up in me. The kind that tingles behind your nose and eyes but tears never come because your body is on pause.

Lest we ever forget. This. Is. Happening.

This. HAS. Happened.

And countless more that will never reach the news.

We have a voice, and here is a reason. One reason. One 8 year old reason. Rawan.

The same reasons we will raise our voice and bless the Lord are the same reasons we will raise our voice and cry out against the injustices of this world. Ten thousand reasons. This one little 8 year old reason. Rawan. And countless more.

Something is about to be exposed in our nation, the horrors of which many of our brains have never even begin to imagine. It's already being exposed throughout the world. And then horrors like Rawan and the continued nightmarish life that women across the world live in every day, that they have been living in for millennia.

"Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find..."

The same reasons we worship are the same reasons we will put our faith into action. Because faith without action is dead. James 2:17  In the same way, awareness without action accomplishes nothing. Don't walk through your day aware and fool yourself into thinking you're making a difference.

Act. Move. Do. Pray.

Lord JESUS. Rock our world. Arrest our hearts. Move us to action. Move our voices to simultaneously bless your name and cry out for justice. Move our hands to simultaneously lift high in worship and stretch to rescue the captives. Move our feet to simultaneously dance in praise and go to comfort the hurting.

Jesus, move us. MOVE US. Move us... that we may move.

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