Thursday, February 28, 2013

Real Wisdom

"Do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is."
Ephesians 5:17

The Bible speaks so much of wisdom, how we're to run after it, seek it at all costs, that wisdom cries out to us and is waiting for us, that it's available to those who pursue it, who ask for it.

I remember being so paralyzed with decisions, frozen in fear that I would make the wrong choice. I was afraid that somehow I would unknowingly, in spite of my best intentions, go down some ill-wrought path.
I pictured myself some sort of Gollum-esque creature at the bottom of a scraggly dark trail gazing up at the distant light on the top of the mountain, realizing I had somewhere missed the "right" road, crying out (think Wicked Witch here), "Oh, what a world, what a world... I'm melting... oooohhhh..."

I know. It's my imagination. I'm sure you have your own picture.
And, truthfully, sometimes I still find myself stuck in this place.

Christ died so we would have freedom. FREEDOM, people! Freedom is not sitting at a crossroads agonizing in such a way that we stay stalled where we are for fear of what will come if we choose poorly. 
That's bondage.
We have an enemy that wants us to stay sitting there, stalled out, inactive.
(Mini word break-down: Inactive is the opposite of active. When we're inactive we're not taking action. That's the place the enemy wants to keep us! Taking no action.)

What is the opposite of unwise?
In Ephesians 5:17, the opposite of unwise is understanding the will of the Lord. 
So wisdom is understanding the will of the Lord.

What is God's will?
That we partner with Him in what He is doing, in what He has already been doing, in what He will continue to do.
We don't need to sit paralyzed at a crossroads, but prayerfully move forward in what God is doing... in what He is calling us to partner with Him in.

When we make our decisions based on this, we don't need to be afraid of winding up in a roadside ditch (insurance ad shout-out), because He's guiding us in what He has already been doing.
It may look different than anything we imagined.
(I'm a Mary Kay consultant working so our family can go to the nations. Never in a million years did it occur to me this would be how God provided for what we knew He was calling us to. Passions providing for passions. Amazing. Blows me away.)

Are you paralyzed today?
God brings wisdom. He gives it to those who ask.
And He wants you to partner with Him in what He's already doing, in accomplishing His will for the people around you... for the world... for you.
What crossroads are you at?
Which option is partnering with God in what He's doing? Is there one option in which you'd be trusting in yourself more than God?
Maybe both options are good. Don't sit stalled. Start pursuing.
Choose to partner with His will.
It will be the adventure of your life.

By the way, getting wisdom... understanding God's will... it's a never-ending seeking.
The more we seek, the more we find. Onward and upward, deeper into the mysteries. That's the beauty of it, that the deeper we go the more we realize we've only just begun.
("To live... white lace and promises..."
Couldn't help that.)

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