Friday, November 2, 2012

MixItUp: Skinny Cargos

I have two pairs of skinny cargo pants.
(Yes, I wear them both. Often.)

(...*ahem* veeeerrrrryyyyy often.)

The darker pair is Charlotte Russe, on sale for $5 a couple years back.
The lighter pair is actual JBrand (pioneers of the skinny cargo), found last year at a resale shop in Vail for $40.
I kind of flipped.

A smattering of how they've been worn in just the past few months:

Dear, goodness, I sure look serious (even mournful) in these photos.
Maybe I should start doing duck lips.
Or really cheesy smiles.
But, this is real life... as captured in my super cheap-o bathroom mirror... usually before I put on sweatpants for the evening... because I'm real like that... yo.

Evidently, I like to wear plaid articles of clothing with either pair.
And various varieties of boots.
Hope this gives you some new ideas of how to mix it up!

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