Monday, November 5, 2012

Laugh Break

With all the election stuff, I just felt like having a good laugh.
I know I posted this a couple of years ago, but seriously, it never fails to make me laugh til I look ridiculous...

Watch it.
Then watch it a second time.

...and then find yourself singing the song at random times that seem really out of place.
"The world has gone insane, and you don't know what is right.
You gotta keep on keepin' on.
Get on that pig and hold on tight!"

And if you're wanting to read where I stand on all the election stuff, read yesterday's post.
But then come back here and watch the video again so tomorrow during election coverage you can be singing it repeatedly in your head.

...or outloud.
(I vote for outloud.)

(And I realize that spell check says "outloud" isn't a word. Technically it should be "out loud" or "out-loud." But, I say we make "outloud" the official correct spelling.
Just like I also say we should make "attackative" and actual word.
Because some people are very attackative lately.)

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