Thursday, November 1, 2012

Investment & Return

Just a short time ago I was having a conversation with a dear friend who is more than ten years younger than I am.
We were talking hurts and marriage and healing and life.
I brought up a side of a certain issue she hadn't thought of that had to do with men and (Warning: I'm gonna say it.) sex and chemicals and how that relates to marriage and healing and life and such.
She was pretty shocked at what I was saying, and that I was saying it so nonchalantly.
But then she paused in her shock and said something to the effect of, "That's something my mom would have said to me. But, she's not here anymore, so I'm sure glad you're saying it to me! Otherwise I wouldn't have known."

Since then it's been on my heart, that had I not said it, she maybe would have never heard it... never known... never been equipped with that extremely helpful knowledge.
But, if someone else wouldn't have said it to me, I wouldn't have known either.
It just so happens that I heard it from a speaker/author at a women's event, which is the only reason why I was able to pass it along to my friend.
But if I had never gone to the event, I wouldn't have had it to pass along.
Or if the person I heard it from had never said it, I wouldn't have been equipped with that knowledge...
and neither would the other women who have gained that knowledge from her.

Someday my friend will be able to pass that knowledge along to someone else in her path and it will be helpful to them like it was to her, and me, and the other women who've heard it.

I'm very aware that things can only come out of us if we first put them in.
Whether it's from friends, mentors, books, conferences...
what goes into us is what will come out.
As followers of Christ, we have the Holy Spirit who has been sent to us to bring wisdom and understanding. But, it doesn't mean we stop investing, stop reading, stop seeking.
How much MORE can the Holy Spirit use what we seek at His leading?

May we never stop investing in ourselves.
The day we stop is the day we choose to stop investing in those around us, those coming after us.
The day we stop investing is the day we decide we don't care about a return.
We're called to generational ministry, generational investment...
generational return.
(Not sure? Go read Titus 2.)

*And if you're curious about the whole sex thing, visit*

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