Monday, August 27, 2012

MixItUp: Black Tank

One of the everyday fashion woes I hear most often is people aren't sure how to mix things up.
Getting stuck in ruts is one of the biggest problems we have, and I'm no exception!
(In both life AND fashion. I've ordered the exact same thing at Spaghetti Factory for 15 years... and I'm NOT going to change THAT. But, you CAN change how you wear that bright colored jacket you bring out once a month!)
We buy a shirt we love. We wear it with one outfit.
And then it's stuck in our head that way and we only wear that certain shirt with those pants and those shoes.
We don't ever mix it up.

Why don't we pair it with something else?
Because we get stuck in a rut and aren't sure how to get out.

I'm starting a new post series called MixItUp.
It's pretty simple, really. I'll post some pics of the same item of clothing being worn in different ways...
hopefully giving you some ideas on how to mix up your own stuff.

In this post I wore my no-name baggy black tank that I thrifted a couple years back, seen here:
(Yes, I realize this is an easy one to start on.)

...layered with a longer Active Basic black tank, Poleci silk crop pants, Tahari sandals, no-name silk 90's top and Kenya earrings.

The next day we went to a thing downtown as a family...

...with 501 cut-offs, large black/brown belt, Qupid sandals, Kenya earrings, F21 necklace, and cheap sunglasses.

And then it was so comfy I wore it again a short time later to take Mom and Dad to the airport...

...with same Active Basic tank layered under, American Apparel skirt, I *heart* Ronson cardi, Qupid sandals, Kenya necklace, I can't remember which earrings. Funny, I switched which side the braid was on.

And you may or may not already know my secret. I don't necessarily wait days between wearings of the same item of clothing. If it's a staple (black tank) I may wear it multiple days in a row (if it's not dirty). If it's a more identifiable piece (blue skirt), I may wear it if I'm not seeing the same people.
Because this is REAL LIFE and... does it really MATTER?

Just sharing my secrets here, people. Just sharing my secrets.

Now, go mix it up.

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