Friday, August 24, 2012

Ka Mun Rah... and I have come BACK...

Holy freak-out cow.
And in those three months since I last blogged I have
*been to Swaziland with my family (freak OUT!!!)
*South Africa and Uganda with my daughter  (I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!)
*seen two amazing weddings 
I've been praying for 
*been to California, Oregon and 
Washington to see friends and family 
*miraculously formed a group of over 100
women that will crash Women of Faith in September
*experienced so many incredible things
*sent my kids BACK to school (muah-ha-haaaa)...

and God has been kicking my rear to get back on here and blog about all of it!

(Of course, if you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you have seen the craziness of this summer's journey documented in pics and short sentence bursts.)

Hopping back into things, there will be some changes on this blog.
You will see posts on everything our family experienced in this amazing summer.
Africa was beyond incredible, and I desperately want to share all of it with you. Things we learned, things that didn't happen I thought would, things that did happen that I may have not been as prepared for.
All of it.
Because God is INCREDIBLE and it's all HIS story (HIStory) that is shouting to be told!!!

One of the major changes you will see is that I am re-enabling comments.
Long ago, there were comments on this blog. And then there were not, due to reasons that maybe I'll explain at some point on here but won't get into now.
Well, comments are HERE. So, while most of my readers may not ever care to leave a comment, some of you have said you'd like to at least have the option.

HowEVer, this blog is NOT COMMENTS BASED!!!!!!!!! There are some bloggers and readers that live and die by comment numbers and topics and whatnot.
I'm just tellin' ya right NOW that this blog is not one of those.
If you DO choose to comment, I'm going to do my best to respond within a few days of the post. Because you've come here, and you've taken the time, and that's just super cool, so I want to respond!

Another major change is that I will still be blogging on fashion-y type stuff (yes, that's an official term), BUT my Random Outfit Posts will now be appearing mostly on Instagram as just plain Outfit Posts.
(This has already been happening, which some of you know because you already follow me on there.)
I will still do tip and style posts on here, for sure. (And I'll probably even post the Instagram pics every so often.) But, it was just too difficult and time consuming to try and set up the camera outside, get some decent shots, upload them, sit down to do the post, etc.
In my real days full of real life, it just didn't happen as often as I wanted it to. And one of the whole POINTS of the outfit post is to show what I'm actually wearing in real life and how you don't have to spend a fortune to feel good in what you're wearing.

With the glorious invention of Pic Stitch that leads to Instagram that leads to Twitter that leads to Facebook, I can snap a few "real life" shots and post them with outfit details in just a couple of minutes.
Which means I'll post them more often... which means you get to see what a real woman who loves real fashion wears during her real days in her real life... which means hopefully you'll sometimes be inspired to step out of the box and try something new in YOUR real days full of real life.

Because some days it's stilettos and somedays it's flats.
And some days it's lots of jewelry and some days it's not.
And some days it's sweat pants and some days it's a dress.
Because that's JUST how life IS.
And we can feel confident in ALL of it.

But whatever changes happen, whatever adventures God leads me into, whatever topics are on my heart to discuss here,
Stilettos & Grace will always be about the (un)balancing act of walking out this amazing, grace-filled life that God has called us to.
It's an ADVENTURE, and we're meant to embrace it as such!

"I have come that you might have life, and life to the full."
~Jesus, John 10:10

(Title... where's it from? It's a frequent quote here in the White House.)

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Angela said...

Look at ME! I'm leaving a comment on my own blog!!! Why? Because I CAN.

Andrea said...

Yay!! Yay for soo many reasons. Our God is so so good. I'm so thankful that we get to experience and share in His goodness together. So thankful that we're bloggy friends AND real life friends ;)