Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Outfit Post

I still have a few more Wales posts to do.

And I'm forever walking around giving God TOTAL glory for the miraculous story, told in my last post.
(Because we're going to Africa. 

And I NEED to update you on some AMAZING Women of Faith info.
(Are you coming with our group? Because we're going to have a BLAST. And I'm a seat snob, which God totally provided for and gave us AWEsome seats.)
Sign up or get more info on my Women of Faith blog page.

BUT, I have been hearing some comments...
"It suuuuure has been a while since you've done a Random Outfit Post."

Yes. Yes, it has been a while.

I was feeling very olive-y on Sunday...

pulling it all together...
cropped silk 90's shirt: Found for less than a dollar at my fav thrift store up on the Air Force Academy.
cropped silk pants: Poleci, dirt cheap at XSThreadz. SO comfy.
black billowy tank: Goodwill in California. I think it's a yoga brand, but it is incredibly lounge-y comfy.
black tank layered under: Active Basic, fav layering brand, from French Quarter in SLO.
strappy sandals: Tahari, a birthday gift a few years back from my handsome hubby.
gold earrings: Kenya.
gold bracelet: from mom, via my sis, from Spain? (Mom, I can't remember.)
same leather Brave and Grace bracelets I always wear and small gold ring from Grams.
hair: Showered night before, slept on it, ran my fingers through it with a bit of hairspray to add texture.

This outfit would actually be great without the tank layered under. However, I was going to church and wanted to make sure everything "stayed in place" if I felt like jumping around during worship.
Hence, the layering top. 
But if I were just wearing this out and about I wouldn't worry about it. The drapey tank looks a little more flow-y and loose without the second layer beneath.
In fact, I did wear this tank three more days this week!
Because it was just sooooo comfy.
(I'm a rule-breaker like that.)

(Actually, I'm not. I'm totally a rule-follower. But, when it comes to fashion... I'm a rule-breaker. Ooooo... I feel so Molly-Ringwald-as-Andie-in-Pretty-in-Pink-ish.)

I love how strappy these sandals are, and the stud detail and soft leather are amazing. The fact that they're only a 3 inch or so heel makes them great for long-wear. There is a little scuff on one of the tips that I need to fix. But, it's me we're talking about here. 
I always forget to do that stuff until I'm wearing the item that needs fixed.

And because we all know I can never be too serious, even if my above pics make it seem like I am...

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