Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random Outfit Post

I feel like a wear this outfit constantly.
It's one of my no-brainers.
The scarf or boots may switch, but the rest of it stays just about the same.
I talked about that a while ago, I think. How it's good to have a basic outfit that you just add different things to.

pulling it all together...
denim: H&M Sqin
oversized gray tee: Old Navy Men's XL
cardi: Forever 21 sale
green scarf: Streets of New York (Okay, that just sounds stinking cool. "Streets of New York.")
boots: Thrifted
belt: Thrifted
earrings: Kenya
hair: messy braid
Where are my leather bracelets? Why do I not have them on? Oh, for shame.

The basic outfit here is the skinny jeans with boots, an oversized shirt with a cardi.
I belted the shirt because, really, it's oversized. I got it last Father's Day when Old Navy was having that ridiculous sale and these were something silly like $4. (Shout out to my friend, Jessica, for alerting us to the amazingness that was that sale.)
And, if I'm telling more of the story, we had bought XXLs for Nate and Larges for Taylor, and somehow wound up with this XL when we got home.
So, naturally, it wound up in MY closet. Hee-hee. (Now, how would that happen?)
And now I need to go back and get more because it is SOOOOOO comfy.

I can't even remember where I thrifted this belt from, but the end has been cut. It looks like someone else's DIY.

And now, off to make more tutus!!! Africa plans are coming along.
We're in charge of the faithfulness and God is in charge of the multiplication.
I remind myself of this daily... okay... a few times daily... alright, hourly.
(Honestly, it's every few minutes.)

And now, I will look at you in a mischievous manner...

And now, I will flex my muscles...

And now, I will really go back to making tutus...

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