Monday, March 5, 2012

Ridiculously Easy Cardigan DIY (& outfit post)

I say ridiculously easy because... well... there's seriously nothing to this.

Backstory: I found this cozy striped sweater at Goodwill a few weeks back.
It was a turtleneck.
And it was maternity.
And it was XL.
But it was just so great! Oatmeal and brown stripes. Comfy, cozy knit material.
I tried it on anyway, and staring in the dressing room mirror had the revelation, "THIS would make a GREAT cardigan!"
It was priced at $4, so I figured it was worth a try.

The process:

I laid it out on the kitchen table, trying to line up all the seams.

See? I was serious.

I first cut off the turtleneck part so I could see more clearly what kind of neckline/shape I was dealing with. And, yes, I also cut out the label following my thought process of, "If I happen to take the sweater off while in public and toss it somewhere and someone sees the 'maternity' label and starts to wonder..."
I just figured it would be easier if I removed any possibility of all that.

Now, here's the really super scientific part.
I eyeballed it and... cut down the middle.

Then I trimmed the neck to be a little deeper so it wouldn't reach up and try to choke me when I'm wearing it.
I think I've actually cut it back and smoothed out that corner even more since this photo.

And then... brace yourself... I wore it.
We had a full day, so I remembered to take these pictures in my filthy bathroom mirror before changing into sweats that evening.
Seriously, this DIY cardi is so comfy and cozy and snuggly and everything in-between.
If the whole mutilating-it-into-this project hadn't worked I was going to try and cut the sleeves off.
But it did. 
Maybe I'll go find another sweater to try and turn into a vest. Then it would be a sweater... vest. =^)

pulling it all together...
tee: Target, ancient, love. (also seen here)
denim: Joe's, $8 at a boutique. I'm not joking.
shoes: sale years back. I'm too lazy to go look at the label right now, but I love them SO much that you can see the purple is wearing off of the toes... which almost makes them cooler. Although, the soles are also wearing off. Hmmm...
scarf: gifted from Jake the Most Awesome (also seen here)
gold earrings: from Kenya (also seen here and here)
gold ring: Forever 21
same leather bracelets I always wear.

Just LOOK at those clothes piled along the you-can't-see-it bathtub. Hey, when I say this is a real blog for real women living real life, I mean it.

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