Friday, March 23, 2012

Random Outfit Post

Wore this a few weeks back, which seems to be the deal with nearly every outfit I'm posting lately.

pulling it all together...
tee: Target. Old. A fav. (also seen here)
skirt: American Apparel, a recent find. SO flowy and comfy!
lace cardi: Target, major clearance last year
leggings: I think also Target (theme?)
boots: Thrifted
scarf: H&M
same leather bracelets... and I can't even tell/remember what earrings I was wearing
hair: Washed two days before, slept on, round-brushed out the top.

I adore this skirt. The color is perfect. It's so flowy. AND I can do THIS in it...

AND it makes me feel very lady-like...

Last week I layered it over a black skirt that I have, and that was such fun, too.
You can kind of tell in this Instagram photo, which was about the boots, but people commented on the skirt(s) anyway.  =^)
(What a lovely, clean mirror I have!)

I've have this tee for SO long, and it just gets better with age! A little more stretched out... a little softer.

How fun to mix and match and twirl and curtsey. Why do we limit ourselves with styles?
Why do we say, "Oh, I could never wear something like that?"
Life is too full and too wonderful and there are too many fun textures to limit ourselves so.

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