Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Outfit Post

I wore this the other week. Absolutely loving my DIY cardigan.

pulling it all together...
cardigan: Gap Maternity, via Goodwill, then DIY'd. (see details here)
red denim: H&M, free at XS Threadz
white tee: Mossimo, 70% off at Target, absolute new fav, wear way too often
gray layering tank under: $5 at French Quarter Boutique in SLO, get your own here
boots, necklace: thrifted from fav store on the Air Force Academy
simple gold hoops and ring
hair: braided, fringe clipped back.

I got ready in a hurry this particular morning and remember that I wanted to wear this cardi AND my red jeans!
I love pairing the bright red with the more muted browns/creams/whites. So often we get in a rut of pairing red with black. Why? So this just felt a little more fresh, a little more unexpected to me... while still being totally laid back.

Ian came out while I was taking the pictures.

We've been trying to get a half-way decent family photo to send out with our Africa support letters. That afternoon I told the family, "WE... ARE... DOING... THIS!!!"
It was chilly, but still daylight.
And it happened.
(Yes, Ian's lips are really red because he sucks on then sometimes. We're a real family living real life. What more can I say?)

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