Monday, February 6, 2012

Random Outfit Post

Wore this a few days ago.
Or maybe a week ago.
Actually, more like a week and a half ago.
I mean, I'm so on top of these things.

(Look at me. I look so tough.)

pulling it all together...
leather bomber: My Dad's from the 70's. A little big, but super warm and amazing. Plus, I just love that it was my Dad's.
skinny cargos: JBrand, that I've wanted forEVah, via a resale shop outside of Vail.
tee: Burberry, via my favorite thrift store for, like, fifty cents. (also seen here) (Remember, I altered it.)
cardi: I *heart* Ronson, via Goodwill (wearing WAY too much lately)
boots: Ropers. From high school. 
scarf: gifted from my awesome friends who are missionaries to Mexico. (Thanks, Hancocks!!!) Women use these to carry things on their backs, like babies and such. Seeing as how I'm no longer in that stage of life, it works great as a large scarf.  =^)
belt: thrifted. I think it's homemade.
jewelry: rhinestone hoops from shop in DIA, usual leather bracelets, Lisa Leonard necklace that you can't see.

I've seriously been wearing this cardi constantly. And, honestly, this whole outfit. I just make little variations of it, but it's kind of my current standby.

And these JBrand cargos? I die. I kind of flipped when I found them in October while at a women's retreat. (Yes, we went thrifting on our afternoon break.) I've wanted them forever, but did not want to pay the nearly $200 I kept seeing them for. So when I found them slightly used and around $40 I completely splurged and brought them home!!!
Last winter I found a great pair at Charlotte Russe for $5 (seen here), but I wear them all the time (and they're a little darker). I was concerned about the wearing-out factor. Also, I took the CR pair to Kenya last spring and they were perfect for travel. I didn't want to worry about something happening when we go to Swazi & Uganda this June! (Go read about it & join us in prayer?)
And now I don't have to, because I have two different pairs of cargos. In different shades, to boot.
The JBrand ones are *obviously* waaaaaaaayyyyyyy better quality, but I'm so glad to have both.

I wore this shopping with some amazing new friends! Well, kind of new. I mean, Summer (from Le Musings of Moi) and I have known each other online for quite a bit now. But, maybe it doesn't count until you've met in person? Wait. No. it counts.
Now we're just more like official sisters.

We had SUCH, such fun. I am so thankful God cares about people and relationships and community. He desires us to walk this life out together, and just so happens to arrange little meeting times every now and then.
(Although, I'm fully aware it's probably my turn now to head out to San Diego. SD Girls, can you get me a speaking or worship leading invite somewhere to help make that work?)

And now, I will look like I'm toughly questioning something that is going on, since I'm trying to look tough and all.

But now, I will be more me.

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