Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random Outfit Post: Valentine's Edition

Yes, today was Valentine's Day.
And as I've said before, you do not need to give me a theme twice for me to take it and run.
In fact, you often don't even need to give me a theme...
I'll just run.
(Fashion-wise. Not work-out wise. Don't be silly.)
Seeing as how this is the one day in the year where pink and red can be worn together without anyone questioning it, well...
I ran.

(I wore this to lunch today with my handsome hubby.)

My hair. It's getting quite long. Nate sometimes calls it a mane.
I don't laugh.
(Well, maybe a little.)

pulling it all together...
red skinnies: H&M, free via XS Threadz
hot pink awesome 80's sweater: Not sure brand, via Goodwill last week. (With Summer! Yay!)
purple tank: Active Basic, via French Quarter in SLO.
purple scarf: Hand delivered from Qatar from Jake the Most Awesome. (also seen here)
black flats: Steve Madden, via Goodwill. They look funny from the top, but they're a great basic.
rhinestone hoops, leather bracelets, white gold ring: same I always wear
hair: Washed and air dried last night, did nothing with it except a little hairspray to tame the fly-aways down.

Sooooo... these tanks that I wear ALL the time? I just hopped over to French Quarter's site and found out they *gasp* sell them online!
I love... ove... OVE these, because they're nice and long and hold their shape.
So, click and go get you some!
(Mine are all mediums, fyi.)
They also have on there the long sleeve scoop neck tees I layer sometimes.
(like here and here)

One of my favorite Valentines came out onto the porch while I was taking the pictures.

What do we think of all this Valentine's Day romantic stuff?

In all seriousness, though, I've struggled through the years with Valentine's Day.
I remember in middle school and high school wishing secretly that I was someone's undeclared love, and that flowers, balloons and chocolate would appear mysteriously, picked carefully just for me.
But, whenever there was a boy somewhere in the picture, I just wound up being disappointed at the reality that my heart wasn't filled by whatever it was they did do.
(I hear Alanis Morissette singing here.)

Through our nearly 16 years of marriage, I've wondered, "How should we treat Valentine's Day?" Because, we can't look at this one day a year to meet our relationship needs, or we wind up empty and disappointed.
But, if we look at it through jaded, cynical glasses, we can miss the wonderful fun it can be.
And I look at all my beautiful, incredibly amazing single friends... I hear some of their hopes hidden in cautiously whispered wishes... and I remember my own from those days.
And how even when they were filled, I was left not-quite-filled.

Nate shows me his love all the time, and Valentine's isn't the only day of the year that he comes home with special treats in hand just for me.
Now that the kids are older, we're able to have weekly date nights.
It's usually me in sweatpants and no makeup after working out on a weeknight, but we do go out.
Hot, dress-up dates are rare... as are nights away... but I'm so thankful that I don't look to this one day a year. "He better darn well do something good, or I am not gonna be happy."
That just doesn't seem in line with kindling a lasting relationship.

At the end of it all, it's the everyday things.
And at the end of it all, it's not about looking to a person to meet your deepest needs of love and being cherished.
Because, I'm not going to get it right, either. And, I'm so thankful that a last minute living social massage deal purchased this morning made my hubby smile when he came home from work this afternoon.
"You got two, right?"
"No, I only got one. It's for you, Honey. I don't need one."
But when he went back to the site and bought a second one so we could both have massages, I smiled, too.

And a spaghetti dinner at home with the family, complete with candles lit on our sticky table, is the most perfect way to spend this day that I can think of.

Happy Valentine's Day.

He also brought Brit flowers. *my heart... melted*
And me chocolates and cookies and chocolate covered acai berries and Queen Anne Cordial Cherries.
All my favs.
He loves me.

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