Saturday, February 18, 2012

Random Outfit Post... & Thrifting Tip

I wore this for a thrifting day a few weeks back. (That sounds like I just plan thrifting days, which is not usually the case. It was when awesome Summer was in town, so of course THAT completely required a whole day be set apart for the hallowed pastime.)
Tip: When you plan to be trying lots of things on, it's best to wear an outfit that's easy to get in and out of.
Hence, my attire:

pulling it all together...
black tube dress: American Apparel, via
cardi: i *heart* ronson, via Goodwill (that you've seen here and here and here and here and... I told you I wear it all the time)
black shiny leggings: Volcom, via Goodwill (Lacie, you asked me to show these forever ago. And I'm only just now doing it!!! So sorry. Chalk it up to me forgetting to take pics.)
black 80's cowboy boots, folded down: little thrift shop in Redmond, Oregon, the finding of which you can read about here
scarf: gifted from my awesome Awaken friends (Thanks, Hannah & Melissa!!!)
other accessories: usual rhinestone hoops, leather cuffs and white gold ring 
hair: one day dirty. I probably had round brushed out the top the day before or something.

I wanted some flat black ankle boot-type-things to wear with this, but don't have any.
We've been seeing folded down work boots for about two years now, mainstream fashion-wise. Recently I saw a pair of boots on a shoe site that were basically folded down cowboy boots, with some buckle kind of thing to keep them in place.
Since these have a black liner, I decided to give it a go. A little funky, a little different. Great for a sometimes thing, for sure.

I love this tube dress because it's not super fitted. It's more like a band at the top and bottom with a bubble of fabric in between. Sooooooo comfy. I layer it with all the time!
I like it when has American Apparel stuff because it's super inexpensive.
(I also love looking at gilt because the outfits inspire me, even if their usual bargains are "$700, down from $3,000." Not exactly in my price range.
But for $8? Yeah. This tube dress was mine.)

I remember finding these leggings at Goodwill. I kind of freaked because I'd been looking for some liquid leggings for-ev-ah, but *obviously* didn't want to pay full price. They were 99 cents... and then 30% off. Whenever I wear them I get comments like, "Rockstar!" and "Wow, what's the occasion?"
Ummm... I just think they're fun to wear. And being a texture girl, I like mixing it up a bit. Some have even said, "I love them, but I could never wear something like that."
Really? Why not?

I threw on the scarf because the outfit was better with a pop of color. Being bright and floral-ish, it's so great to throw over things for added dimension. And, remember. I'm not just about the texture texture, but also about the visual texture. Mmmm... adore.

Sometimes I want to issue a blanket thank you to all those people who pay full price for these really great things and then give them to Goodwill after hardly wearing them.
So, thank you, people.

And, to elaborate on my thrifting tip a little more, when you're planning a whole thrifting outing, it's just easier to wear an easy on/off outfit.
It doesn't always work that way. Usually I buzz in and out of a thrift shop amidst other errands.
But, when it's a planned thing, it just makes sense.
Something stretchy, loose, comfy. Leggings are great for pulling things over in a flash.

Ian came out while I was taking photos. We decided to show our tough faces... and then I started smiling a bit because he was so cute.

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