Monday, January 30, 2012

Random Outfit Post

Wore this last Thursday.
Trying to be better about taking outfit shots... and actually posting them.
But, you've heard this before. *smile*

pulling it all together...
polka dot dressy/tunic-y/top: H&M sale, got on our Vegas trip last June
gray skinnies: H&M sqin, quite old, newly patched (Thanks, Carolee!!!)
gray cardi: I Love Ronson, via Goodwill
belt: asos boyfriend belt (I need to punch another hole in it. Felt like it was slipping down all day.) Loved it on Love, Maegan. Snatched it up when she alerted us it was on sale.
boots: vintage, say they're from Greece, found at XS Threadz (Local resale shop with good finds if you're willing to hunt... which I am.)
pink lace-topped socks: Claire's, 10 for $10 sale, also have in gray
pearl earrings: Nate's grandmothers, wore in my wedding
gold ring: Grams'
leather bracelets: same I always wear
hair: washed and air-dryed the night before, clipped back because I didn't want to bother
necklace: gifted from Lisa Leonard Designs (and God... seriously... if you've heard the story, then you know), their Captured Heart necklace... love, love, LOVE this. If you live by me, you see it around my neck all the time. The ones you'll see online don't have anything inside the heart (they actually have double hearts). But I had wanted all four kids' names AND the hubby's on it. My friend Kelly suggested I put Nate inside the heart. When I emailed LLD to ask, they thought it was a great idea and did it for me!
Here's a closeup...

People often ask, "How do you pull an outfit together? I wouldn't even know where to start."
With this, I hadn't worn my polka dot top in a long time and I wanted to put it with the navy boots. After starting with that, I just pulled other things around it. The top looks a bit billowy over jeans, hence the belt. (Remember this trick? Man, I guess I do wear that cardi a ton. Thanks, Tammy! You're the one that convinced me to get it.)

The lace on the socks is supposed to stand up, but it always falls down. So I wind up not wanting to fight it all day and just start with it down. This way it looks more like a boot topper... or a garter... which hadn't occurred to me til someone pointed it out.  =^)
My friend Suzanne suggested I starch the lace to keep it standing up.
I'll try that next time, because I think I'd like that look a lot better for this. Seriously, I was in a hurry here and didn't even have time to bother.

I remembered I wanted to show you the awesome scarf our friend Jake brought me from Qatar! He came back from deployment the night before I wore this outfit, so I ran and got it to take a couple more shots.
It's pashmina and feels heav-en-ly, I tell you.
(Plus, I love the purple with the pink. Of course.)
Thanks, Jake!!!

I think I may title that last photo "Desperately Seeking Lipgloss."

Realizing I mentioned a lot of friends in this post. Sure am thankful to be surrounded with amazing ones.

And, as I was walking in from my little photo shoot, I caught my reflection in the window. It looked kind of ghost-y. Ooooooooo... okay. Well, maybe not so much in the photo. But it did in person with the light how it was.
(You can even see Jordan sitting inside working on his homework.)

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