Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Outfit Post... or, What I Wore To A Funeral

In early December an odd day happened along where I attended a Memorial Service for a loved friend that morning and then drove from there to a funeral I had been asked to sing at.
I say odd because, well, that just doesn't happen.
I sat and listened to two services for people who had loved Jesus and shown that in their lives. They were more celebrations of God's goodness amidst tears of mourning the loss of this world. 
There's nothing like someone else's funeral to hold up a mirror to your own life.
And what made it more of a revelational day was that we had our first Wonderland performance that night.
The irony was not lost on me, and I think I had a more profound sense of enjoying life's moments the rest of that weekend.

One of the questions with these kinds of things is what to wear. Gone are the days of all black, but we also want to be respectful of the grief that is present.
Especially with standing in front of everyone (I sang the hymn "In The Garden"), I wanted to make sure my attire was appropriate for the occasion, but still something I was comfortable in and... well... me.

Man, I really look somber in these shots. I truly did have a lot on my mind and heart.

pulling it all together...
dress: Max Studio, bought at TJ Maxx years ago. Have almost gotten rid of it a few times because I don't wear it that often, but it's a really great staple to have for occasions such as this.
gray tights: Calvin Klein, from Costco. These are SO nice.
boots: B Makowsy, from the Opryland Hotel. Been wearing a ton lately.
gray socks: Target. $1 sock section... which I think they raised to a $2 sock section.
scarf: Street vendor in NYC.
jacket: Can't remember brand. A friend has it right now. But it's wool/cashmere blend and was free at XS Threadz. Found it online for around $240 at Nordstrom. Heh-heh-heh.
pearls that you can't see very well: Cheap bracelets, Grams' necklace and Nate's Grandmother's earrings (that I wore in our wedding).
hair: Wave was still there from Wonderland dress rehearsal the night before, so I just let it fall where it wanted.

Normally, people would go with black tights and a regular heel. I chose the boot because it was a bit more unexpected, but still completely appropriate. The gray mixed up the textures/dimension a bit, and adding the sock was just more of that reasoning. Which, I actually think the sock looked better in person. Doesn't translate as well in the photos.

What to wear to a funeral?
This worked. Well.

And, even though I was pretty sober with thought, I'm never too sober...

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