Saturday, January 7, 2012

In search of...

There are always a few items I'm searching for when thrifting.
I think most of us have those, yes?
Things that our good-deal-radar is a little more sensitive to... always on the lookout for.

Some snippets from my current list:

...high-top Docs...
Remember these? For me, they're from high school. I never had a pair, but now I'm looking SO hard to find them.
I hear they disappear fast from thrift stores, which is probably why I still haven't found them after a year and a half of hunting.
Size 38 or 39 (not sure how they fit), if anyone finds some stashed away in your closet. *wink*

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...elbow length (or over-the-elbow) leather gloves...
Yet another thing I've still haven't found after over a year of searching.
(But isn't it funny how I did find the skinny cargos from that same post?)
Well, it's not that I haven't found them entirely. I unearthed a pair in a vintage shop for around $80. Ummm... yeah. No.

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...leather messenger bag...
After traveling to Kenya last year using my son's old one from school, I realized I wanted a nice leather one with different compartments.
Funny thing. They're also expensive. (What's it with me and expensive things? Wait. I find them cheap. Okay.)
Saw this one the other day at Bass Pro Shop... and then looked at the price tag. Ha!
Hence, the searching thrift stores. It will come. It will come.

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The nice thing about the messenger bag was that I liked being able to sling it over my shoulder and still access everything in it under the flap.
It worked well as a carryon AND for pulling speaking notes/laptop out of, but my canvas version didn't hold up well to airport hopping and Kenya dirt floors.
(And, really, I want to resemble Indiana Jones as much as possible.)

Those who travel, other thoughts? Are completely loyal to something you love and use? Why? I'm opening up comments below. Can you let me know what it is? Or email me using the Ask Angela button.
With more travel around the corner (will blog on soon) I'm in search of something really great.

What are YOU hunting for?

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Summer said...

I can't WAIT to search WITH YOU!!!! Oh my word. Can we please set aside an entire day to thrift shop??? You have no idea how excited I am. =) YEeeeeeee

Angela said...

Me, too!!!!! Oh, we will for SURE have time to galavant around town when you come to visit me... wait. I mean, when you come to visit your family and I get to see you. =^)