Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Outfit Post

Sunday was one of those "Ack! I need to be leaving right NOW!" thrown together outfits...
but I loved how it turned out!
I found this jacket a couple of weeks ago when Goodwilling with my Mom, and it seemed to call my name that morning.
Either that, or it was laying on my bathroom floor atop of a heap of clothes and, being bright red, just got stuck in my head as something to put on.
Yeah. One of those.

I loved the slight "military" feel of the whole thing, which is mostly contributed to by the pronounced jacket shoulders, buttons and pockets... but added to by the boots.
I wish I would have had my aviators to wear... alas, they died a while back and Wal-mart doesn't have the same ones anymore. Grrrr...

pulling it all together...
Jacket: Betsey Johnson, via Goodwill (I know!) It's actually a more orange-y red in person.
Denim: Free People, via Goodwill (*gasp* I KNOW!!!)
Tunic-y Top: Target, via Goodwill
Belt: Thanks, Mom  =^)
Boots: B Makowsky, a token from my stay at the Opryland Hotel last winter
Big ol' Gold Hoops, that you can't really see: Forever 21
Ring: Claire's
Chains: Actually one necklace that belonged to Nate's Grammie

This next picture just makes me giggle, because I look like I'm watching someone do something I know they shouldn't do, but they're doing in anyway.

I've been wearing my hair like this a lot lately, with the whole front-pouf thing going on. It just keeps it out of my face. And when I'm singing, that's especially nice. I've thought about cutting bangs... actually, for years I've been thinking about it... but just haven't gone that route.
So, those little clippy things in black come in quite handy for stuff like this.
But, I go through phases, and I'm sure I'll be more into the side-swept fringe thing again soon.
And then the blow-it-all-back thing.
But, probably not entirely the head-band-thing, because I'm not a natural with those.

And with that useless piece of information...

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