Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Outfit Post: Christmas Casual

The dilemma is always how to be Christmas-y without being cheesy.
Okay, well maybe not always. I'm not opposed to cheesy if it's quite intentional.
But sometimes you want to be appropriately Christmas-y.

This is what I did the other day to embrace the red & green.

pulling it all together...
Sweater: Gifted from friend, vintage (Thanks, Casse!!!_
Long sleeved tee: Favs from The French Quarter in San Luis Obispo ($7! Nate will be getting me some more when he goes TDY there again in January.)
Denim: Free People, via Goodwill... also seen here.
Silver over-the-knee socks: Claire's, from their 10 for $10 sale. Yes, they were $1. Score!
Boots: Gariella Rocha, via huge sale at
Scarf: NYC street vendor
Rhinestone earrings: shop at DIA
Bracelets & ring: the ones you always see me in.

As you can see, the red and green are a bit more muted. Still Christmas-y, but not "I've been thrown up on by a reindeer" kind of Christmas-y. I mean, you could really wear this any time of year... it just comes in handy when showing holiday spirit.
Touches of silver (socks & earrings) added an extra bit of cheer. *smile*

Love our view!

The boots are super-duper pointy, but oh-so-comfy. Sometimes they remind me of elf attire.

Whenever I wear these over-the-knee socks people kind of freak out about them. They're a bit fish-net-y, but I love how the silver can go more casual (ie, this outfit) or dressy (ie, a more black-based outfit, such as I wore this past Sunday that may appear on here soon).
Seriously. One dollar. Love.

Aaaaaaand, because it's me, of course I'm going to take a silly shadow pic when I suddenly become aware of that opportunity.

Merry Christmas!!!

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