Friday, December 30, 2011

Loving Lately... pinterest edition

Have you discovered this site yet? 
(If you have, you're saying, "You are SO late in the game in blogging about this." I know, I know. But... some people still don't know about it! And because of my deep care for them...)
Oh-my-dear-me. You know all the super great stuff you find online and think, "Okay, I just need to remember this!" and then months later you think, "What was that thing? I know it was super cool!" Well, now you CAN remember! With Pinterest, you can "pin" all the ideas you find online onto different boards (fashion, diy, decor, whatev). AND, you can browse other people's boards to find even more amazing ideas.
You need an invite to sign up, which you can either request on the site or shoot me an email and I'll go on the site and send you one.
(Because I'm co-dependent like that.)
But you can check out the photos on the site until you're officially on and just drool. *wink*

Once you have an account you drag a little bookmark to your bookmark bar, and then pin away! And on the site you can browse everything... or browse different categories... or find friends and browse their stuff...

(Find me here.) 

Some of the funness I've pinned (because, in Angela Land, funness is a word, even if Words With Friends doesn't recognize it):

...Fashion Inspiration...

...Home Style...

Source: via Angela on Pinterest


...Freaking Brilliant...

...Just Plain Love...

...Hair, There and Everywhere... 

...Makes Me Laugh...

I just want YOU to know about something that I have been loving.
(And, remember, I'm co-dependant like that. Because if I'm addicted, you really should be, too. Right?)

For the record, yes I know a knock-off site (pinspire) has already spun off. If you try it and like it better, let me know. But, for now... like N*Sync over Backstreet Boys, Disneyland over Universal Studios, McDonalds over Burger King... I'm sticking with the original.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Outfit Post: Keepin' it real... yo.

This is one of those posts where I want to write something deep and pensive.
It's the time of year where I have so many things stirring in me that I don't even know what words to use.
(Well, kind of.
We all know I'm seldom short on verbiage. *wink*)
Just because I haven't been posting very often doesn't mean I'm short on topics or concerns or statements I want to declare from the mountain tops.
On the contrary, I'm so full of them I may burst!
Busy schedules and family and holidays and changes-occurred and changes-occurring and changes-that-we-suspect-are-coming-but-don't-have-evidence-of yet... it all lends itself to a frenzy in my heart and head and the only thing that can eeek its way out is...

...wait for it...

...waaaaaaiiiiiit for it...

Yes... a Random Outfit Post.
But, we're all about keepin' it real 'round these parts... yo.
And if you've ever been around me for any length of time, you know I'm a sweat-pants kind of girl.
Or, in this case, yoga pants.
And some days just call for wearing them out and about.

pulling it all together...
Yoga pants: from the Awaken Conference... that if you weren't at you missed OUT!!!
Black Tee: from my awesome friend Tammy
Gray Tee: Fav from French Quarter in San Luis Obispo
Fake Uggs: Costco, baby!!! Best ev-ah.
Plain silver hoops from I-can't-remember.

Now, you may notice that pink strip in my hair. I've actually had that since September, and the other day I accidentally pulled it out! Boo. It's an extension, and I re-dyed it a few times. But I love having a little funk in the flavor of my everyday.

We're all about real women living real lives on this here blog, so this is just me being real and posting real outfits... yo.

Maybe I'll be able to organize my thoughts more as we head into 2012.
Here's looking to all the adventure it will hold...

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seasonally Required: The Hanukkah Song

Because it really is required this time of year... at least in our house.
Here it is, THE original:

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Outfit Post: Christmas Casual

The dilemma is always how to be Christmas-y without being cheesy.
Okay, well maybe not always. I'm not opposed to cheesy if it's quite intentional.
But sometimes you want to be appropriately Christmas-y.

This is what I did the other day to embrace the red & green.

pulling it all together...
Sweater: Gifted from friend, vintage (Thanks, Casse!!!_
Long sleeved tee: Favs from The French Quarter in San Luis Obispo ($7! Nate will be getting me some more when he goes TDY there again in January.)
Denim: Free People, via Goodwill... also seen here.
Silver over-the-knee socks: Claire's, from their 10 for $10 sale. Yes, they were $1. Score!
Boots: Gariella Rocha, via huge sale at
Scarf: NYC street vendor
Rhinestone earrings: shop at DIA
Bracelets & ring: the ones you always see me in.

As you can see, the red and green are a bit more muted. Still Christmas-y, but not "I've been thrown up on by a reindeer" kind of Christmas-y. I mean, you could really wear this any time of year... it just comes in handy when showing holiday spirit.
Touches of silver (socks & earrings) added an extra bit of cheer. *smile*

Love our view!

The boots are super-duper pointy, but oh-so-comfy. Sometimes they remind me of elf attire.

Whenever I wear these over-the-knee socks people kind of freak out about them. They're a bit fish-net-y, but I love how the silver can go more casual (ie, this outfit) or dressy (ie, a more black-based outfit, such as I wore this past Sunday that may appear on here soon).
Seriously. One dollar. Love.

Aaaaaaand, because it's me, of course I'm going to take a silly shadow pic when I suddenly become aware of that opportunity.

Merry Christmas!!!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Outfit Post

Sunday was one of those "Ack! I need to be leaving right NOW!" thrown together outfits...
but I loved how it turned out!
I found this jacket a couple of weeks ago when Goodwilling with my Mom, and it seemed to call my name that morning.
Either that, or it was laying on my bathroom floor atop of a heap of clothes and, being bright red, just got stuck in my head as something to put on.
Yeah. One of those.

I loved the slight "military" feel of the whole thing, which is mostly contributed to by the pronounced jacket shoulders, buttons and pockets... but added to by the boots.
I wish I would have had my aviators to wear... alas, they died a while back and Wal-mart doesn't have the same ones anymore. Grrrr...

pulling it all together...
Jacket: Betsey Johnson, via Goodwill (I know!) It's actually a more orange-y red in person.
Denim: Free People, via Goodwill (*gasp* I KNOW!!!)
Tunic-y Top: Target, via Goodwill
Belt: Thanks, Mom  =^)
Boots: B Makowsky, a token from my stay at the Opryland Hotel last winter
Big ol' Gold Hoops, that you can't really see: Forever 21
Ring: Claire's
Chains: Actually one necklace that belonged to Nate's Grammie

This next picture just makes me giggle, because I look like I'm watching someone do something I know they shouldn't do, but they're doing in anyway.

I've been wearing my hair like this a lot lately, with the whole front-pouf thing going on. It just keeps it out of my face. And when I'm singing, that's especially nice. I've thought about cutting bangs... actually, for years I've been thinking about it... but just haven't gone that route.
So, those little clippy things in black come in quite handy for stuff like this.
But, I go through phases, and I'm sure I'll be more into the side-swept fringe thing again soon.
And then the blow-it-all-back thing.
But, probably not entirely the head-band-thing, because I'm not a natural with those.

And with that useless piece of information...

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