Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tips & Tricks: Wearing Sports Jerseys

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I am Mom.
I am also a sports fan.
Sometimes I am more of the second because of my status as the first.

Those who know me know I kind of go all out in supporting things I'm passionate about.
They also know you do not have to tell me a theme twice for me to take off running with it.
What does this mean?

But, always up for the fashion challenge, I am not willing to just don some baggy, brightly colored awkward sack and let it be what it is.
Oh, no, no, no...

So, I give you (Drum roll, please?)
(Drum roll???)

Tips & Tricks for Wearing Sports Jerseys

1.) A belt goes a long way for creating some kind of shape out of that shapeless thing.

As you an see here, I belted and then "mushroomed" the jersey up over the top of the belt. This will not work, however, if the numbers are too stiff to let the jersey move. This is the case with the Tebow jersey shown later.
(Brit had on a belt earlier, but lost it before this picture was taken.)

2. If the jersey is huge (as are the ones I seem to acquire), pair it with more fitted pants. If it is fitted, go with a looser shape on the bottom. This follows the rule of not wearing tight head to toe or baggy from head to toe. One is trashy, the other is frumpy. There is a wonderful balance, friends... a wonderful balance.

3. Mix it up by layering! In the above photo it was pretty chilly that day, so I put a long sleeve tee under and a chunky infinity scarf over.
I love the thought of wearing the teams' contrasting color as an accent, too! (If this was a UofO jersey, I'd go with yellow sleeves and a yellow scarf.)

3. With bulky jerseys, you need more substantial footwear to visually balance out the whole.
The example above is fabulous.
But in the one below I did NOT do this, and while the outfit was okay, it looked a little off-balance.
Those big, poofy shoulders really needed more anchoring than the slim Toms, but that day was warm and I was running late. (Me? Running late? Shocker.)
I think even some converse would have had a better effect.

4. Do your makeup. No, you don't have to if you don't want to. But one of the reasons some of you aren't wearing your teams' attire is because you feel frumpy and boy-ish.
For some reason, you think putting on a jersey means you have to look sloppy. Not true!!! Doing your makeup will keep you feeling spunky and yourself.

5. Accessorize!!! Like the scarf shown earlier or the rhinestone earrings shown here (which is why I paired the sparkly Toms), don't stay away from these just because you're wearing a jersey!
In fact, accessories really punch the This-Is-FUN factor and make your outfit unique to YOUR style.

6. Going somewhere other than the game? Want to look a little more polished? Throw on a jacket and heels! This Tebow jersey doesn't work well belted. But, I was wearing it to church (on the platform) and wanted it to look pulled together.
The jacket brought in enough contouring that I didn't feel too box-ish, and it also kicked up the polish factor. The substantial ankle boots kept it all anchored and in proportion.
With adding the large hoops and a gold cuff, I was good to go!

(I have to brag on this. I've wanted a Tebow jersey ever since he was drafted by the Broncos. But, I didn't want a cheap-y one, and yet didn't want to pay the $130, either!!! Nate found this at Goodwill... tags still on. Reebok pro jersey. God sure loves me.)

Don't feel like you have to sacrifice your style or your femininity just to support your favorite team or athlete! Go dig out that jersey you've been wanting to wear but have maybe been a bit afraid of. Embrace your inner fan!

Life is full of passion and fun and adventure... may we live it as such.

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