Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow Day Musings

*Today is an actual snow day... as opposed to last week's snowy non-snow day.

*There's probably only about four inches in our backyard, but it's blowing around in such a way that we have about two feet on our deck.

*It was nice to sleep in.

*About 30 minutes ago we watched the fox trotting around out behind our house. He paused, seemingly acting non-chalant. Then suddenly pounced on something in the snow.
I grimaced and cried out, "Oh, NO!"
But the boys thought this was hilarious and laughed even harder as the fox trotted away with some little thing dangling from its mouth.

*I guess foxes have to eat, too.

*Ian is walking around right now with the camera taking random pictures of each of us... and Rosie the ferret... and the snow... and of picture books, which he declares is very funny. I almost told him to put the camera away so it didn't wind up broken.
But I stopped with the realization that 20 years from now those pictures will be the ones we look at, laugh about and tell stories of.

*He seems particularly interested in the camera's zoom feature.

*Ian is quite a sight. Now not only does he have an extremely long mullet, glasses and an insulin pump, but he also is missing one of his upper front teeth. He lost it two days ago while at school.
Its neighbor is super wiggly, too. For Christmas I think he's really going to be able to sing the song true to form.

*He wanted to take a picture of the computer taking a picture.
My family is seriously the best form of entertainment.

Happy snow day! Or for some of you a snowy non-snow day. Or for still others of you, a normal everyday day.
Hoping you find something to celebrate and something to laugh at in the middle of it all...

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