Friday, November 4, 2011

Red Old Man Shoes

I wore this outfit a while ago (that seems to be a theme lately) and realized I've *gasp* never posted on these shoes!!!
I mean, I don't think I have.
I can't find a post.
And they're so awesome!
(I know some of you are going to be all, "Ummm... they're actually super awful." And others of you will be like, "Why, oh, why did you find these instead of me?")

So, I now give you what I affectionately refer to as my red old man shoes:

I KNOW!!!!!! I found them at one of my fav thrift stores (the one up on the Air Force Academy) last fall and kind of freaked. I seriously think they were $1.50.
The funny thing is I wore them back to the store a few weeks later.
Woman at the counter: "Oh! I used to have a pair of shoes just like that!"
Me: "Well, I got them here just a bit ago."
Woman: "Those were my shoes!!!"
Love it.

She said they're from some long-since-closed shoe shop in Colorado Springs that made all their own footwear.
They're such a soft suede and so lightweight that I feel like I should be skipping and dancing every time I wear them.
(Truthfully, I often do.)

I can just TELL ya that they are a BLAST to wear. 
(I maintain that every woman needs a pair of red shoes... even if they aren't red old man shoes.)

Here's what I wore with them on this particular day:

pulling it all together...
Gray Skinnies: Sqin from H&M (Which opens next week in Denver! Aaaaaaa!!!!!!)
Gray tee with girls face, brand unknown: via my amazing friend Tammy, via Goodwill.
Lace Cardi: Target clearance last winter
Accessories: The ones I always wear, with Kenya earrings.

I think I'm showing you my accessories in this next pic, as well as my nail polish.
For a while I was painting my ring finger a different color than the rest of my nails.
Here they're black with a gunmetal kind of color on that one finger.
Doesn't quite come through in the picture, but I do look intrigued and mysterious.

Note I'm laying on the floor. I used my iPhotoBooth camera because, evidently, I couldn't be bothered to use the actual camera.
It also seems I didn't want to stand up.
I guess we all have days like that.

As a side note, my red old man shoes also came in handy for my daughter's use in a nerd costume this Halloween...

...and as Shakespeare last spring for a school event...

Now that you're totally inspired to go find your own old man shoes, run to your nearest thrift store!
(Or you could find them brand new, since this style is evidently all the craze right now.)
I will wish upon you good hunting and bright colored finds. *wink*

(Yes, I realize this should have been a Sassy Shoe Thursday post, but today is Friday. I didn't want to wait another week. I'm labeling it as such anyway.)

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