Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random Outfit Post

I wore this today.
People seemed to like it, so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures.
Not too many, though, because my usual camera's battery was dead, so I enlisted Nate to take them with the iPad.
But he really wanted to be watching the football game instead.
I get that. So we took two and were done.
I don't think the outfit comes across too well here, but you get the general idea.
(Fyi, I'm super particular with the length of my pants. They look a little shorter in the photos than I thought they actually were when I wore them. Hmmm...)

pulling it all together...
Shirt: Thrifted, says from Vietnam
Tank: Best tanks EVER!!! My awesome hubby just brought me a whole new batch of colors from the awesome little boutique in San Luis Obispo called The French Quarter. $5 each. I die.
Denim: Citizens, via awesome Tammy, via Goodwill (Those are buttons down the bottom third of the leg.)
Shoes: RSVP, via Goodwill
Belt: Asos boyfriend belt. I drooled over this forEVer on maegan and hunted for a similar one for a year in thrift stores to no avail. So when she tipped her readers that it was on sale I freaked a bit. It's actually a God-loves-me story, because I found out right before heading to bed one day and was super tired. So I thought, "I'll wait to order it 'til morning." Went to order it right away the next day and they were OUT. Of ALL sizes!!! I kicked myself over and over and... I prayed. Yes, seriously. This is the way I operate. Me and God. I went back about fifteen minutes later, still so disgusted with myself, hunted around some more, and all of a sudden there was ONE in the size I wanted! It let me put it in my cart. It processed the order. I jumped around the kitchen laughing and dancing. And when I went back to see if I could order more they were gone again. SO HAPPY!!!!! He knows things like that mean SO much to me, because He's the One who made me this way! Love that He loves us in our own love language.
(I just checked, they don't have the exact one *obviously*, but do have a skinnier version here for only $14.98 or a super thin, plaited version here.)
Necklaces: Uganda paper beads, thrifted gold beads
Bracelets: Leather ones I always wear, gold cuff (and ring)from Grams
Earrings (that you can't really see): Kenya
Hair: Loose braid

One of my friends told me today, "I hope this isn't offensive. Don't take it the wrong way. But, your hair looks like Pocohontas. That's good, though! That's a good thing!"
It made me laugh.  =^)

And, fyi, Asos has a great selection of clearance in ALL price ranges, and free shipping both ways!!! I haven't ordered anything else yet to see how their other products are, but I'm glad they're now on my radar!

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