Thursday, November 3, 2011

On community and silly pictures...

We are called into community.
Did you know that?
That we weren't made to "go it alone."
We weren't made to walk this life out by ourselves.
We were created to need company... companionship... camaraderie.
That's why we process better if we can talk it through with someone.
We laugh more if we laugh with someone.
Our silliness makes sense if we're silly with someone.

We need each other.
God made us that way.
To need each other.
Not just as a husband needs a wife and a wife needs a husband...
but as friends who needs friends...
people who need people.

I came across these while looking through my iPhotoBooth pictures.
It got me thinking of this.

Who are you being silly with today?
Talking with?
Crying with?
Laughing with?

If you're not doing that with anyone, what walls do you need to let down so you can?
And if you're not willing to take silly pictures with friends, I think you're missing out on a great joy in life.
It makes me wonder what other simple joys you're missing out on.
Because, really, if you can't be silly with your friends, who can you be silly with?

Life is full... and we are called to embrace it together.
(And also to capture it in silly pictures. Why else do you think God gave us the knowledge to invent cameras? Sheesh.) you girls. so much. so much. so much...

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