Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am expectant.
Of great things.
Of miracles.
Of movements.
Of growth coming through difficult situations.

I am expectant because I know I can be.
Because I live for Someone who specializes in great things.
Who does miracles.
Who raises up movements.
Who brings the growth.

I am expecting to hear the sound of the Holy Spirit
To see food multiplied on my counter.
To see flyers multiplied in a girl's hand.
To see gas stretched in a gas tank.
To see my son healed.

It's difficult for me to be around people who are not expectant.
Who are unexpectant.
That's not a word, but it should be.
So many of us are unexpectant.
They don't think great things can happen anymore.
They don't believe in miracles.
They are tired of movements because they've seen the corruption and the dilution.
They're stagnant.

I want to grab them by their shoulders and shout, "You're missing LIFE!!!!!"
I want to hug them until they smile.
I want to help them see the impossible become possible when we live by a standard that is not of this world.
I want to spur their hearts to passion, conviction... MORE.
I want to share, because as I share my expectation maybe theirs will grow.

Some ARE stirred.
And some will never be stirred.
They will die in mediocrity and half-heartedness.

Oh, the agony of being on the other side and realizing there was a life you could have lived, but did not.
A Creator you could have known, but chose to believe did not exist.
People you could have helped save, but thought they weren't worth it.
The agony.

So, I live expectant.
Expectant that YOU reading THIS will have a realization of the LOVE that is held for YOU.
Expectant that YOU will SEE MIRACLES.
Expectant that YOU will join the GREATEST MOVEMENT of ALL TIME.
Expectant that YOU will finally let go, face what you've not wanted to face, and find FREEDOM in giving it ALL over to the ONE who created you.

"They overcame... by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony."
Revelation 12:11

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