Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Outfit Post

About a week and a half ago I was interviewed by the morning show of a local radio station, KBIQ, about affordable fashion tips and tricks.
(Hi, Sara!!!)

It's always interesting rushing out the door in the morning right after you get the kids out, especially when headed somewhere that you don't want to look dumpy-frumpy.
It can be a bit... ohhhh... chaotic? Brain-warping?
It's in these moments that I need to not have to think about clothing options.
I just need to grab something and put it on.
I've talked about basic go-to outfits before, but this was a PRIME example of one...
so I thought I'd post it.

(Why do I look so serious/wistful in these photos? What was my deal? Too little coffee?)

pulling it all together...
Skinnies: H&M (design:Sqin)
Cardi: Ronson for Pennies, via Goodwill
Tank: Fav from a boutique in San Luis Obispo, brand name is Active Basic. 
Hat: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Thrifted, $3!!! (Researched name and found they're from a little boot shop in Madrid.)
"Boot Socks": They're actually legwarmers from Claire's, off their 10 for $10 sale.
Scarf: Forever 21 last winter
Earrings: Kenya
Rings/Leather bracelets: The ones I always wear
Hair: Quick sidebraid.

The basic outfit in this is the skinny jeans with tank and cardi.
In the summer I cuff the jeans and throw on sandals. Now we're into fall, so boots are in order. And adding a scarf just changes the look so much!!!
My hair was *ahem* unwashed, so a hat was necessary.
Some of you are thinking, "Well, I don't have skinny jeans, so it won't work."
No, but I do this exact same thing ALL the time. 
1.) Jeans/pants of some sort
2.) A fitted top
3.) A cardigan of some sort

From there you just add the appropriate accessories! I think so much of the stress of "what goes together?" is taken away in this. I seriously have massive amounts of tank tops in my closet.
And I have quite a few cardigans.
I rotate between my favorite footwear and the options are nearly limitless.

One of the problems some people run into is they're looking at this thinking it couldn't possibly apply to them.
In fact, the moment you saw skinny jeans, you tuned out. BUT, it's the idea behind the outfit... the theory of the "basic outfit" and then building on that... that's the important thing here.
I do the same thing with my trouser jeans, I just make sure the crop of the cardi or jacket is shorter (sometimes).

What "basic outfit" do you seem to go back to constantly?
Is it similar to this?
Or maybe it's jeans and a flowy top with large jewelry?
Or maybe it's a business skirt with a semi-fitted blouse and a jacket? And you trade out the skirt for dress pants?
Or maybe it's (like my dear friend on whom it works so well) leggings/jeggings and a dress/tunic?
Recognize the pattern, identify the basics, stock up on them, and then rotate!
It truly is near-brainless dressing in the morning.

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't ever branch out, I'm just saying no-stress dressing often times can come from recognizing our basic, go-to outfit and then building on it.

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