Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY Petticoat/Tutu

A couple of weeks ago I wore one of the most glorious things ever.

The backstory is I've wanted a hot pink... as in HOT pink... frilly, poofy, tulle thing forEVer.
They're finally all over stores, but they're either too short or too expensive or the wrong color or...

I realized I would have to take matters into my own hands.
So, I've been on a hunt.
(I let God know I was on a hunt, which I'm sure wasn't news to Him. And, yes. I believe He has everything to do with my discovery.)

A few weeks ago I was in (shocker, here) Goodwill when I caught my breath and raced over to the dress rack.
There hung one of the most interesting floral creations I have ever seen... complete with a hot pink petticoat sticking out from the bottom of its scalloped sides.
The tulle ended about mid-thing under the dress, and was attached to gloriously stretchy hot pink fabric. All the makings were there... BUT, the price tag was a bit of a splurge for me, so I figured I'd think about it. 

A week later it had still not left my thoughts.

Glory be! The dress was still there on my return trip. It came home with me. The rationale was that I would pay at least three times the price tag if I were to come across this exact petticoat/tutu thing in a store. Yet, here it was just needing a little work to expose its greatness.

The dress:

(Yes, these are taken in my bathroom.)

Oh, dear...

The transformation:

I simply folded the top fabric over itself to create a waistband. I was originally going to stitch it down, but realized I didn't have the *ahem* knowledge needed to confidently accomplish such a thing without ruining the stretchiness of the material.
Since it was already gloriously elasticized, I just left it.
Another great thing about this is there was fabric amidst the layers of tulle, so it wasn't see-through-y (ie Nathaniel the Grublet) when I wore it.

I said a few weeks ago this is kind of a no-brainder Do It Yourself, because all I'm telling you to do is search for a dress with a cool petticoat/tutu thing under it, cut it out and then rock it with a favorite outfit.
(You can see all the other pics from that outfit here.)

And, do I think that God had a hand in opening my eyes to the existence of this hidden hot pink petticoat/tutu/poofy thing? Yes. Yes, I sure do. He knows our hearts, and He desires to bless us in ways that speak to what He's placed in us.
God is SO freaking amazing like that.

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