Monday, September 26, 2011

They sing with us...

It's interesting how my whole life (the first whopping 35 years of it) I've heard accounts from other people.
Miraculous testimonies, encounters with angels and other things I longed to experience in first person but thought I never would. I don't know why I thought that! I just did. I longed for it, but I'm this goofy girl who's a mom and wife and has a crazy schedule and loves fashion and cries out to God in the middle of my kitchen when I'm overwhelmed with dishes and dirty floors.
The kids and I have prayed for years to see an angel. We know they're all around, because the spiritual side of this world... the stuff we don't see but see the effects of... is way more real than what we do see.

And sometimes we catch glimpses of that much-more-real reality.

That's what I've longed for, to have my eyes and ears opened.
To be a part of the stories we hear happening to missionaries in other countries... but, America?

Maybe I'm just starting to share some of these recent things because I needed time to process them myself.
Sometimes something so beautiful happens, such an intimate gift from my Father, that I want to keep it to myself and bask in His lavish love for a while before sharing it.

Last June... June 24th, to be more specific... I had the honor of leading some worship for a YWAM team that was about to set out for another country.
They'd been through a year of training together and this was their final team meeting before they headed out the following week to a Muslim country.
The country is not closed to the gospel, but can still be very hostile to Christians, so I won't mention it here.
Suffice it to say, that room on June 24th was filled with every emotion imaginable. Luggage was packed, possessions were in storage units, arrangements had been made... and here was this team pressing into the presence of God in worship.
The atmosphere was thick and intense and desperate and beautiful.

I stood in the small room, in front of these 30 or so people with just my guitar, and we worshipped.
"Oh, Lord, speak into the silence. Breathe upon the lifeless. Wake us up from slumber."
"Hallelujah, holy, holy, God Almighty, the Great I AM... who is worthy? None beside Thee. God Almighty, the Great I AM."
Then there came a time where the team members were praying over each other. I kept singing, flowing freely in the lyrics, often not even singing words, only sounds.
I became aware of someone singing the most beautiful harmony with me.
"Who IS that?" I thought. "Their voice is amazing." I looked around the room to see the singer, but everyone was praying with each other.
I wondered if it was a child, because it was so high pitched. But I heard the maturity and confidence of an adult.
This soft, lilting voice continued to follow mine in perfect harmony... truly the most beautiful I have ever, ever heard.
"I must know who's singing with me!" I thought. "This is incredible." I realized the sound was coming from my right, but the only ones there were team members praying for each other. Suddenly I wondered how this voice could follow me perfectly when I was ad-libbing, and not even singing words. How did they know what I was going to sing? How could they possibly know where I was going in the song, in the melody?

I suddenly had the realization I was hearing angels. It swept over me and I became acutely aware of their presence just off to my right.
They were singing with me, worshipping with me, over this group of people who were about to take the amazing news of Jesus to a Muslim nation.
There were two or three of them, but their voices blended so perfectly that it sounded like one.
In that moment I don't know if I was more humbled and amazed that God would open my ears to such a thing, or that THE FREAKING ANGELS WERE SINGING WITH ME!!!!!!
Holy COW! They were singing the most beautiful harmony (the highest I've ever heard anyone sing in person) with ME. We were worshipping together.
The angels. Me. What words can I even use here? None are adequate.

I've thought about that moment many times since and can only react with awe that I got to hear. I'll never forget the sound, and in fact have heard it again once since then... a little over a week ago. Soft, incredibly high-pitched, yet sweet and pure and lilting. Truly, the most perfect harmony ever sung.

And I heard it. I heard angels. Singing with me.
What an amazing God I serve, who opens my ears to things that are more reality that what is before my eyes.

The angels. They sing with us. And it doesn't matter what anyone says to the contrary, because I heard them. I bet I'll get to hear them on this earth again, too.
Because my God SO rocks like that.

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