Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Outfit Post: Mixed Stripes

Because sometimes you just have to live on the edge like that.  =^)
(Fyi, I wore this quite a while ago. As in, maybe even a couple months... or more than that.)

This outfit came together very last minute. It was one of those I-feel-icky-in-everything-I-wear-I need-something-not-fitted days. 
I seemed to get a lot of "Hey! Love the stripes!" comments, so I took some pictures.

pulling it all together...
Shirt & Pants: Both Gap, via Goodwill
Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs, via Goodwill
(I KNOW!!!!!!! WHAT a find. It has a story. Another post?)
Belt: Target, via Goodwill
Sandals: Target clearance
Earrings: I don't even remember.
Bracelet/Ring: Grams'

Sometimes I wonder if I should start listing the prices of some of the items I find. (This entire outfit cost me under $25 total.) Because maybe it would be an encouragement to people that it really does happen? But maybe it would also be a discouragement to people? Hmmm...

I loved mixing the stripes in this outfit. Pants are vertical. Shirt is horizontal. It works because they're both small print, so while they're (similar) patterns, it's almost like they're solids because your brain doesn't register it immediately. 
The pop of the belt and the crispness of the jacket polish it off.
And the wide-leg is super fun, too.

Speaking of wide-leg,
have you seen them all over the place for fall? It doesn't mean skinnies are out, by the way. Just that wide-leg is suddenly trendy again.
So, funny. There's truly nothing new under the sun, and everything comes back around again... seemingly fast these days, too. Where the trend cycles used to take about forty years, now it seems to be about seven to ten.
Moral of the story: If it's good quality, save it. You'll be wearing it again sooner than you think.
Other moral of the story: Don't live your life by trends. Have fun with them... but you rule the trend, don't let it rule you.
Play with the ones you like, leave the ones you don't.

Otherwise, you'll wind up like this:

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