Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Outfit Post & Fashion Tip

I wore this last week and wasn't even going to take pictures.
(I really should take them every day, but the day ends and I realize I forgot after I'm already in my sweats.)
BUT, my friend who normally does NOT like my Random Outfit Posts actually said, "You need to post this outfit!"
I was stunned.
So, it was on my mind and *gasp* I remembered to take pictures!!!

AND, this outfit is a great example of a tried and true fashion trick.
(If you've ever been to a women's conference, chances are you've seen this.)

pulling it all together...
polkadot dress/tunic/whatever: H&M (on sale when the hubs took me to Vegas)
denim skinnes: H&M
blue layering tank: brand is Active Basic, best
cardi: Ronson for JCPenny's, via Goodwill (adore.)
belt: Came with a thrifted silk dress I found for ten cents. (Yes, I said ten cents.)
shoes: Stuart Weitzman for *insert name I can't remember here*, via Goodwill
sunglasses: Wal-Mart... about the only thing I like from there
earrings: I had taken them off and forgot to put them back on! *gasp* BUT, I was wearing my big gold circle ones.

Okay, ready for the tip/trick?
I don't have a super small waist. Now, quiet!!! I can hear some of you starting up even now. What I'm saying is that, in proportion to the rest of my body, I really don't have much of a waist at all. I'm kind of, for lack of a better term, boy-cut. Always have been, always will be. 

Note picture one:

*Cue entrance of belt & jackety-type-thing.*

Now, note picture two:

When you add a belt AND a jackety-type-thing (here shown as a cardigan), it creates a sort of visual illusion, suddenly giving you a waist.
Peek back and forth between these two pictures and you can totally see what I'm talking about.
Nothing has changed except for the addition of the cardigan!

And there you have one of the fashion tricks used tirelessly by professionals the world over.
Draw the eyes to the center with a belt, then cut off the sides of the belt (ie, waist) with a jacket/sweater, thus creating a new "waist."

I love these colors and patterns together!
Polkadots and plaid and teal... oh, my!

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