Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Outfit Post: Birthday Edition

...which does NOT, fyi, mean that I'm wearing my birthday suit.
(Just thought I'd clarify.)

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY, and I decided that it was quite necessary to wear something fitting for the occasion.

Fitting for the occasion = pink tutu.
...or petticoat... or whatever you want to call it.
Because I want to.
And because I can.

And, yes. I had way too much fun taking pictures.
But, so be it.

pulling it all together...
Pink Tutu/Petticoat: DIY... kind of. Tutorial coming soon. (Seriously, I don't sew people. It's a no-brainer.)
Tee: Target, like, five years ago
Jacket: Vintage 80's, baby! via Goodwill, complete with Michael Jackson Thriller shoulders. I totally love this thing. I'm not sure anyone else does. But I do. 
Leggings: H&M
Socks (which are actually stirrups): Claire's (It's a clearance gold mine in there.)
Booties: Charlotte Russe, gifted from a friend. (Thanks, Becky!)
Sunglasses: Walmart (One of the only good things that comes from there.)
Various bracelets/rings/earrings: GodChicks, Disney, Relatives, Friends, Forever 21

So, all day yesterday I kept hearing comments that fell into the category of Oh-I-SO-wish-I-could-wear-something-like-that-but-I-just-can't.
Why not?
Why can't you wear a tutu if you so please?
I am all for being appropriate to the environment you're in.
 But, honey, if you want to wear a tutu and it's not inappropriate for your day's activities... wear a tutu! Just rock it with some other fun accessories so it looks more like an actual outfit than something that belongs on stage at the Nutcracker.

I had a blast wearing that yesterday. It made me smile.
And I think God looked at that and said, "Yes, daughter. You ARE beautiful and I love seeing your joy spill out all over the place... especially in hot pink... because it's so you... and I'm the One who made you that way."
Yep, I think that's what He said.

Here is where I wanna sing, "Girls, they wanna have fun. Oh, girls justa wanna have..."

Ian came outside and asked if he could help take the pictures.
So, he crouched down, I sat, and he snapped away.

Then I said, "Ian! Get in here with me!"
And he obliged. (That may have been what he wanted in the first place.)

Moral of the story: Life is fleeting. Rock the tutu.
(Or different hair color, or nail polish, or whatever.)

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