Saturday, August 27, 2011

The thing with people...

We weren't created to live life alone. That's just the simple truth of it.
God created Adam, and then He created Eve so they would be together in this life.
And we are called into a community... the church.
A group of people who may not have anything else in common other than their shared desire to follow Jesus Christ.

We were created for it.
We are called into it.

Lately my ears have picked up some thought-provoking phrases.
"I'm just not a group person."
"Hanging out with a lot of people just isn't my kind of thing."
"Being with people isn't my gift."
"There's just so many people in church."
(That may be my fav.
Imagine. People in church. The nerve.)

The reality is, we were created to live this life amidst community.
Amidst people.
Christianity is a team sport.
Life is a team sport.
The moment you try to go it alone, it's going to become overwhelming and seem impossible... because it wasn't created to be lived alone.
Life wasn't created so we could live life alone.

Yes, we each have our own, personal relationship with Christ.
No one else can love Him for you.
No one else can follow Him for you.
But, there's this popular Christian mindset that's along the lines of, "Come on, Jesus. Me and you. Just us two. Livin' life..."

I think Jesus is looking at people who think that and saying, "Hey, I love you so much, and I am living this life with you... but I'm doing it through people."

We cry out for the Holy Spirit encounter in our car, but we're skeptical of the person who speaks encouragement to us in the parking lot.
(Ugh, this person...)

We stand in worship, hungry for that God-moment, yet we scoff at the person who invites us to small group after the service is over.
(Ugh, a group of people...)

We desire to see unity in ministry, but we snub our noses when we're asked if what we're involved in could partner with another ministry.
(Ugh, more people...)

We express frustration at the lack of older women mentoring younger women (the biblical model), yet we balk at the invite to come be a part of just such a thing.
(Ugh, I don't know those people... why would I go there? They need to come to where I'm at.)

The bottom line is, God desperately desires us to encounter Him
...and He desires us to encounter Him through His people.
He helps us into victory... through His people.
He brings us joy... through His people.
He provides for us... through His people.
He comforts us... through His people.
He puts His arms around us... through His people.
We can't cry out for God to come into our lives and then snub our noses at His people.
Well, we can... we just won't encounter Him fully.

And that's the simple truth of it.

Don't sit alone tomorrow morning, discrediting churches every way you can think of, and then wonder why your life feels like something is missing.

Something is missing.

God's people.

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