Saturday, August 13, 2011

Random Outfit Post

I seriously think I wore this, like, a month ago.
I know.
But I'm not even going to get back into how crazy our summer has been 'round these here parts.
(Do you even know how many blog posts I have backed up in this noggin o' mine?)

pulling it all together...
Tunic: American Rag, via Goodwill (This brand always seems to be great quality.)
Belt: Some little vintage leather thing via Goodwill
Leggings: Sale at American Apparel, from the hubs
Shoes: Nine West via Zappos 
Jewelry: Earrings via Kenya, ring via Grams'

This outfit feels very fall-ish to me. The tunic (Shirt? Dress?) was perfect with jeans & boots late last winter, too. I don't normally wear busy patters, but this is fun for a change. I also belt it with a wide teal number that gives it a totally different feel.
But with all the pattern-ish-ness going on up top, it really needs a chunkier shoe to "anchor" the outfit.

I've wanted to do a Sassy Shoe Thursday post with these new wedges, but have not gotten around to it. The back story is my dear, dear friend Jason gave me a Zappos gift card for my birthday seriously about four years ago. But every time I ordered something I wound up sending it back!
(Yes, I'm picky. I know that's hard to believe.)
I really wanted some natural-material wedges for this summer (and beyond!), put these in my cart over two months ago, and when I went back a few weeks ago they were marked down! Score.
(So, Jason, thank you for my awesome birthday gift!)

AND (here's the low-down, girls) they are truly all-day shoes. Sturdy. Comfy. Love.
(Yes, I tried them out running errands to make sure. Not that I usually run errands in heels... but if I wanted to, these would totally work.)

I feel very tall.  *wink*


The kiddos start back to school *gasp* Monday... except for Jord, who doesn't have to go until Tuesday.
(He's pretty darn thrilled about that.)
Summer was short, with not nearly enough down days.
But we did have fun with the baseball and the football and the swimming and the Y and the various events and activities and...
I love my family.
'Nuff said.

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