Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On Birds and Ministry and Poop

Sitting on my porch, staring out at Pike's Peak, listening to sounds drifting in the air around me.
There's an adorable little black and orange bird perched in the tree, singing a melody.
He rocks back and forth, sounding so sweet.
His colors are incredibly bright and he's adding such a special touch to the atmosphere.

Then I see a little something fall from his behind.
Yes, the bird pooped.

Nothing much to me sitting over here on the porch. It did startle the moment a bit, but he's a bird after all.
He's going to poop!

Even in the middle of adding so much good to the world around him.
A bird is going to poop.

But then I thought, what if I had been standing directly under the tree?
He still would have looked so marvelous and sounded so lovely... until he pooped.
If I had been sitting beneath him and been pooped on, I would have been more than startled.
It would have been frustrating. I would have had to clean up whatever got on me.
Or, what if someone else was sitting beside me? I would have had to help them clean up, too.
I probably would have been tempted to move, because I would have been pooped on!
But the fact that the bird poops doesn't make his colors any less bright or his sound any less lovely.
The fact that the bird poops doesn't diminish in any way what he's adding to the world around him.


Observing the world around me, I see so many Christians doing amazing things.
I watch them give daily of their lives for the sake of spreading the gospel of the only One who can save us, Jesus.
They pour into those around them, walk where God leads, do everything they can to love and stand strong and encourage.

And then I see them make a mistake.
Yes, Christians make mistakes.

Sometimes we see the mistake and don't think much of it. It may startle us a bit at the moment, but they're people.
People are going to make mistakes!
Even in the middle of adding so much good to the world around them.
A Christian is a person, and people are going to mess up.

But sometimes I'm sitting directly under them.
Then the fact that they've messed up directly affects me.
I get frustrated. I have to clean up the mess on me... around me... my attitude.
And sometimes there's someone sitting right beside me, and the person's mistake directly affects them, too!
Then I have to help them get cleaned up as well.
Sometimes I'm tempted to move, because people's mistakes and messes affect me.
But the fact that this person, this Christ-follower, messes up doesn't make their heart any less genuine or their worship anything less than pure.
The fact that they make mistakes doesn't diminish in any way what they're adding to the world around them.
It doesn't make them any less of a Christ-follower... any less Christian.

Birds poop.
People make mistakes.

Sometimes there are birds that will perch right over us so they can poop directly on us.
And sometimes there are people... even those who say they are Christians... who intentionally make mistakes so it directly affects us.

But, as a whole, the fact that a bird poops and a Christian makes mistakes doesn't in any way lessen their beauty and the amazing impact they can have on the atmosphere of this world.

The reality is we're all going to make mistakes.
Just like all birds are going to poop.
But that bird still sits in my tree and sings and shines brightly and changes the world around him for the better.
Just like Christians are still going to walk out the love of Christ and stand strong for truth and change the world around them for the better.

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