Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"...he kept crying out..."

If you were blind... literally, you could not see... and you had a possible opportunity to instantly regain your site would you take it?
If there was a remedy right in front of you, what would you do?
I'd like to think you'd go after it with all the strength you had!
Let's see, blindness vs. sight... dark vs. light.
I think I'll take sight, thank you very much.

In Luke 18 blind Bartimaeus hears a commotion, someone says Jesus is passing by.
He has heard stories of healing. This is his chance! HIS chance!
"Jesus... have mercy on me!"

But the people leading the way with Jesus "were sternly telling him to be quiet." (vs.39)
WHAT? Seriously?
Did they not know Who they were walking with???
The must not have. The could not have!
Here is a Man who can heal, and here is a man who needs healing.
Yet, they told Bartimaeus to stop calling out.

Don't you think instead they should have grabbed Bartimaeus's arm and brought him to Jesus?
Don't you think they would have been trying to help the blind man?
"Jesus! Jesus! Heal this man! JESUS!!! Stop! This man is blind! You can help him see! JESUS!"

Instead they told him to be quiet.

What if Bartimaeus would have done what they said?
What if he would have stopped calling out?
(Now, we can't know for sure, because Jesus is merciful.)
But, maybe Jesus would have passed by and there would have been no story of this healing recorded in Luke 18 because it would never have taken place.
Bartimaeus would have been quiet.

But, NO!
"Those who led the way were sternly telling him to be quiet; but he kept crying out all the more, "Son of David, have mercy on me!"

"And Jesus stopped..."

He kept crying out, Jesus stopped...
and Bartimaeus was given his sight.

This isn't a parable.
This isn't a fairytale.
This isn't out of a storybook.

A man was blind, and then he could see.
All because "he kept crying out."

Now, I love how Jesus says "What do you want Me to do for you?" (vs. 41)
But that's another blog post.
(Short story: Jesus already knows what you need, but He wants you to voice it. Sheesh. The man is obviously blind. Really, Jesus? He wants to see. 
But, Jesus wanted him to say it, to put words to the need. "Uh, gee, Jesus. I was hoping you might do something about this thing that I'm dealing with. I mean, you know... just help me a little with this issue?"
Ummm. No.
"Lord, I want to regain my sight!"
Are you beating around the bush with your needs? Maybe you need to start voicing exactly what they are.)

Anyway, these other people with Jesus. What the heck was their deal?
Either they 1.) Didn't realize Who they were with, or
2.) Didn't think the man's need was important, was worthy of Jesus. 
(So, I wonder if they thought their needs were important? Or were they just trying to be important by walking with Jesus? Ooooo... now that's a commentary on Christian culture.)

In either case, good thing Bartimaeus didn't listen to them.
He knew Who was passing by, and he knew the severity of his need.
So, "he kept crying out."

I also wonder if there were others, maybe around Bartimaeus who did listen to the people, who stopped crying out because they were told to be quiet.
Maybe that's why they're not mentioned in Luke 18. They stopped crying out.

Who's telling you to stop crying out today?
Who's telling you to be quiet?
Or are you someone who doesn't know who Jesus is? You don't need to wait for Him to pass by. That's why He died for us! His power is available to us all the time.
Or maybe you're someone who doesn't think your need... or someone else's need... is that important.
"I've lived with it this long. I mean, it's not like it's that critical. I just can't see anything. I mean, I'll manage."
You have the opportunity to see and you're saying, "Oh, blindness is fine, thanks."

Whomever you are and whatever you need, decide today to keep crying out.
Be the Bartimaeus.
Be the Bartimaeus.
Choose sight.

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