Monday, August 22, 2011

Heatless Curls Tutorial

Okay, I'M not doing the tutorial, but instead merely pointing you in the direction of a great one and showing you the results of me trying it.
I came across this amazing heatless curls hair how-to on Love, Maegan a few weeks ago and decided to try it myself.
SUPER easy and so many fun ways you can style it.
And since I usually wind up showering at night before bed, the fact that you just sleep on and wake up with curls is glorious.
GLORious, I say.
(In fact, I wound up doing it for Brit for her first day of school.)

I was feeling rather 70's on this particular day, so I went with it.
Smooth on top, blending down into soft waves. That signature sweep to the side of the face.
(Yes, you get iPhotobooth photos.)

So, maybe you can't tell from these the complete 70's vibe. I did take pics of my dress. Expect a Random Outfit Post soon.

I started having way too much fun with iPhotobooth.
More proof that I am, indeed, a nerd.
(Ummm... don't know why this video is gray at the beginning. Can't seem to fix it. Oh, well.)

Here's the original tutorial video where Love, Maegan got the idea:

I'm now anxious to try wearing it wrapped the whole day and then let the curls down for day two.
(Brooke? Are you reading this? Thought that would look SO great on you!)
Still hunting for the right headband for that, though. The ones in the store are either too wide (I used one of the doubled for this.) or too thin.
Well, maybe thin would work.
We'll see. If I do it I'll show you.

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