Friday, July 8, 2011

Two Lists

A List of What I Have Been Doing Lately:

*Driving my kiddos around.

*Lots of dishes.
Like, never-ending dishes.

Amidst the running around of the kiddos.

*Then more driving of the kiddos.

*Working out at the Y twice a week...
because two of the kiddos have swim team then.
So I can.
And it works.
And that's nice.

*Saying "Shhhh..." a lot.
Because Nate's been on night shifts, which means I'm telling kiddos to "Shhh..." a lot.
Except this week. He's on days. And that's nice.

*Making phone calls to doctors and insurances and whatnot.
Because someone always has an ear infection or allergies or a wart or needs a physical or is low on a prescription or...

*Attending baseball games.
Rain or shine.
Wind or calm.
(Which is why I keep a down jacket in the back of the Suburban in the middle of summer.
And people laugh at me.
Whatever. I'm warm.)

*Examining my calendar trying to figure out how I'm supposed to be in two places at once.
(I can usually find a way. But, as I've said before, three is hard.)

*Then more shuttling of the kiddos.

*Visiting the library.
Because summers and libraries go well together.
And I'm thankful to have kiddos who love to read.

*Saying "kiddos" a lot.
Because that's what it appears I tend to call them.
And as my life currently revolves around what they are doing, well, it just gets said.

*Having lots of blogging ideas.
Because my head is swimming with so much to say... mostly related to this season of life I'm in.

A List of What I Haven't Been Doing Lately:

I'm trying. I just don't get down to the basement for extended periods of time much anymore.


*Returning people's emails in a timely manner.
Wait. I've never really done that.
(Not for lack of trying, though!!!)

I've been sweeping, but I can never quite make it to the mopping part of the game.
Wait. This has also been an ongoing issue... as opposed to a recent one.

*Meeting friends.
Evidently this is much easier done during the school year when the kiddos (there it is again) are gone during the day.
It's much harder to accomplish when they're either home or need to be driven to things that are now spread between 8:00am and 9:00pm... as opposed to 3:30pm and 9:00pm.

*Using correct grammar.
Especially in emails and on facebook... which I only notice well after the fact... when it's way too late to delete anything.

*Taking any outfit shots, whatsoever.
You think it would be easy. 
Set up the camera. Take the pictures.
But when you're running from place to place, for some reason it's not easy.

*Worrying about what I'm not able to get done.
Honestly, I just haven't been too concerned about it.
Time goes on, and I'm doing the best I can with what I have.
And that's just how it has to be.


Summer is a funny thing.
And it's a wonderful thing and a busy thing and a scheduled thing and then sometimes a not scheduled thing.
And my kiddos are home.
And I'm a good mom.
And we're having fun.
And sometimes my voice raises louder than I think it actually is when wet towels are left on the floor.
And I have been known to kick my children outside and make them play.
And summer is just a funny, lovely thing.

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