Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Outfit Post

I know! I actually took some pictures.
(Yes, they're small and not-too-crisp iPhotobooth photos. But, that's what I had. So that's what I did.)

I threw this on the other day as I was racing out the door to meet a friend for coffee.
Unwashed hair = hat. 
Painful sunburn on shoulders = loose fitting top.
(I don't need the sunburn speech. I was a lifeguard for years. I know. I was talking and forgot to apply it to the upper half of my body.
Yes. Talking. I know. You can't imagine.)

pulling it all together...
Striped top: Splendid, via Goodwill (Adore this brand. Wouldn't even own it, save for what I've found at Goodwill. Because I'm not ever going to pay $80 for a t-shirt. But, man, are they nice!)
Trouser jeans: Gap, via Goodwill
Cami: Gap, clearance
Hat: Charlotte Russe, my go-to for about five years now.
Sandals: Target, clearance
Gold earrings that you can't really see: Kenya
Gold ring: Grams

With the summery-ness and the warmth and whatnot I haven't been wanting to wear a bunch of make-up. My solution for days such as this is to swipe on some mascara and dab on a bit of cream blush.
That way I have color and eyes, but don't really do anything.
If I'm feeling my face looks especially break-out-y, I'll swipe on the powder concealer I keep in my purse... which I think I did on this day right before I hopped out of the car to have coffee with my friend.

Love these sandals, fyi. I try to get a fun new pair (on clearance) every summer.

Here's where I show you my nails. Was having fun with the stripe/color blocking trend.
Tip: If you're not sure about the new thin-brush, detail polishes, play it safe with one from the dollar store. That's how I did this white line (which wound up too thick, but now I know how to better use it) to separate the two colors.
They have them in other shades, too. Fun to try, without the investment of an $8 detailing pen Target.

And a tip of the hat to bid you adieu...
(I can be so cheesy.)

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