Friday, July 29, 2011

Late Night Musings

Definitely not as exciting as Musings in Michigan or Musings from California, but musings, nonetheless.

*After the kids were in bed tonight I went in to switch laundry.
Being in the laundry room, I caught a glimpse of long-since-untouched sock basket.
I thought, "I should sort the socks tonight and pair them all up nicely."

*The sock basket is still sitting in the laundry room, untouched.

*Yesterday evening I sat on the bleachers, looking out over the extremely nice high school turf football field and watching the sun set behind the rocky mountains.
Then I realized... I mean, I knew, but sometimes it just hits you in a new way... that my son, MY SON, is going to be playing football on that field.
High school football.

*I think God gives a special surge of strength to the hearts of mothers sometimes so they can endure the speed at which life goes.

*Rosie, our beloved ferret, has been roaming the house as I type this, until a minute ago.
She kept scratching at the bathroom door, which was closed because I didn't want her getting into the trashcan.
Scratching, scratching.
"Rosie, stop it."
"Rosie, seriously!"
"Okay, that's it. I'm putting you away."
No sooner had I put her in her cage than she scurries for the water bottle and gulps down massive amounts.
Evidently I had closed her cage so she couldn't get to the water.

*More often than not I think the things in life we're frustrated with are actually our own fault.
We just don't realize it yet.

*I really should compile a list of things people should be acquiring on summer clearance sales.
So many of them can transition to fall and winter, but the stores close them out anyway to move in new inventory.
Or you can get something for $5.00 now that you'll still want at the start of next summer, but at that time you'll only be able to find it for $25.00.
Case in point: swim suits, maxi skirts and tunics.

*Marijuana is all over the place right now.
The news. The streets. The conversations. The bandeau top that the very *large* girl had practically painted on her at the YMCA this evening.
And, whatever you say, however you want to try and justify it, the reality is that when you're high, you're high.
Your judgement is not at it's clearest, and your motor skills are a little off.
I wouldn't want a doctor performing surgery while high.
I wouldn't want a mechanic working on my car while high.
I wouldn't want a nanny driving around children while high.
I wouldn't want a pilot flying a plane while high.
I wouldn't want a lifeguard watching the pool while high.
And if you're really trying to bolster your argument and discredit mine, then don't sell bandeau tops to very large, unkempt women and have them wear them out in public.
Because that's not winning points with anyone.

*Now it's late again, which means I'm hungry and will most likely go raid the pantry before climbing into bed.
That probably negates the workout I did earlier.
But, at least I worked out, so I'm better off eating a late night snack than if I had NOT worked out.

*Once again, proving me the Queen of Situational Justification.
Except with too tight clothes, taking prescription meds out of someone's medicine cabinet or calling it a "debt ceiling" when it's more like a "debt escalator."
In those situations, justification is impossible.

*Pictures make every post better... just like fluffy baby bunnies make us say, "Aaaawww..." and be simultaneously a tad sick to our stomach due to intense cuteness.
And I can put pictures of them randomly throughout my blog posts.
Because it's my blog.
And I can do things like that.

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