Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegas, Baby!!!

To celebrate an amazing 15 years of marriage, Nate's mom came to watch the kids and we hopped a plane to Vegas, Baby!!!
(That's actually how Nate put it on our iCal, by the way. It said "Vegas, Baby!!" over the five days we were to be gone. But, he only put two exclamation points, because he always seems to do them in even numbers. Me? I always use odd... which you already know if you're an observer of my writing style in any capacity.)

Back in February we were discussing it. Nate said we needed to go somewhere to celebrate.
I said we really shouldn't. That would cost money. Money that should go to other things.
He insisted.

Vegas is an el-cheap-o place to go where we would have no responsibilities of schedule or needing to see anyone/do anything in particular.
(Not that I wouldn't want to see people! I love all of you!!!) * <-- See. Odd number.* BUT, we knew if we went somewhere, it should be somewhere like that, where we could truly just get away.
And, the thing is, all throughout our busy, crazy spring the thought of being whisked away by my beloved hubby to lay by the pool and sleep in sustained me.
In essence, he was right.
We needed to go.
(There. I said it.)

We got to Vegas, Baby!!!, checked into the Flamingo ($38 a night rate! He's so good at finding the best deals), dropped our bags, and promptly went...
where else???
(It was a two mile walk. Nate figured out where to cross streets and even how to get across the highway on Google Earth before we went. I love this man!!!) * <-- See? Odd again.*

The shops they have in Vegas are unbelievable. I kept gasping at every new couture shop. Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, D&G, DvF, Bulgari, Pucci, Elie Tahari, Louis Vuitton and beyond. Nate got used to me gasping and pointing. We walked through Gucci, and I fell in love even more with Gucci Flora, which I first fell in love with at Heathrow on the way back from Kenya.
So, if anyone is wanting to buy me some perfume... (the new summer version, fyi)

(That says Herve Leger, if you can't read it.)
AND, I actually went IN a Louboutin store. No, I didn't take any pics. I reached for the camera once, but suddenly felt funny trying to capture the "event" of it.  =^)  So I chickened out.

It was funny to see all that high end fashion, though, and think how many pieces I've found at Goodwill for just dollars.
I think I am ruined for the quality of the stores we passed, but not because I buy their clothes from THEM.  =^)
(Although, I am a proponent of spending more on quality denim that is perfect. I drooled over the True Relgion, Paige and 7 for all Mankind stores.)

Hanging by the pool was... was... what would the right word be? "Aaaaahhhhh..." Except it got pretty crazy on Friday right before we left. I guess we chose right going during the week. Here's a glimpse:

Honey, smile...

No, SMILE...

Ooooooo... *wink*
(We're silly. It's what we do best.)

Vegas bride...

We had a perfect anniversary dinner at The Range steakhouse. (The flash was bright. Shush.)

Yes, kissy, kissy.
It's my blog. I can show a kissy picture of us on our anniversary!!!

Look what they brought us. Our Oregon-born waiter was so sweet.

Hangin' on the strip. You can catch a glimpse of a little polka dot number I scored on sale at H&M.
Yep!!! H&M. It was glorious.

We enjoyed a couple of shows (Le Reve & Jublilee), ate at a buffet, layed by the pool (Wait. I already said that.), slept in, and just spent some wonderful time being together.
We don't gamble. Losing a bunch of money just for a chance at winning some money doesn't seem logical to me.
However, to some people it must really make sense, especially right after getting married, evidently.

Hey, there are flamingos at the Flamingo!

I'm so thankful to be married to the man who is perfect for me. Neither of us are perfect, but we are perfect for each other.
(Together now: "Aaaawwwww...")

And just because it's my blog and I can,
another kissy picture. *wink*

I love you, Honey.
What an adventurous life I live with you. Thanks for being my support; my constant amidst the chaos.
God sure knew what He was doing, even if we didn't.  =^)

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