Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Off Celebrating in Vegas

Yesterday we hopped on a plane and headed to Vegas to celebrate our 15th Anniversary!!!
Nate's mom is with the kids, and we are enjoying our plan-less days with pools and food and sleeping in.
An, glorious.

Us on the airplane. (I'm trying to be posh.)

Me grumbling on the airplane because someone was using my iPad and I wanted to use it.
(He handed it over shortly after this picture.)   =^)

Us, just moments ago, in McDonald's taking advantage of the free wi-fi and being posh again.
Because it's Vegas. In the morning. And I'm posh like that.
(Nate's just annoyed I'm making him lean in for the pic.)

Adventures so far include much fleshly scenery... and since the kids aren't with us we can make our comments outloud to each other at will. Muah-ha-ha-ha...

Off to enjoy the day...
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