Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boys & Pictures

For reasons that are mostly beyond my understanding, it seems impossible to get a *normal picture of my three boys.
However, I say mostly beyond my understanding because, after all, they are boys.
And therein lies the majorty of the explanation.

Case in point: A recent series of shots before haircut night a couple of weeks back, where Taylor was determined NOT to look into the camera and Jordan and Ian were laughing so hard I was surprised there was not a puddle of urine on the floor afterward.
(It was shortly hereafter that Ian donned the mullet.)

*Normal is a relative term. So, if this represents the average picture results for our family, then these would, in fact, be normal. Anything with children facing the camera and smiling would, in fact, be abnormal.
Normal is relative.
Just like the terms "sane" or "sanity."
Those are also relative.
Especially to mothers who have boys.

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