Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Outfit Post

I wore this forever ago.
But, actually, I wear the general idea of this outfit quite often.

The "base" of the outfit is all black (obviously), but the shirt thrown over adds that needed punch of color.
Throw on gobs of accessories and some beyond-basic shoes, and it just works.
When I say I wear this often, I mean really often. With a hot pink plaid early 90's shirt... or yellow striped cardi... or cropped jacket with shoulder pads... or navy sequined shrug.

The easy thing is I don't really have to think too much.
I just put on the black "base" and then throw on whatever else I'm in the mood for.

I mean, here it is with fish lips.
What a valuable, yet often overlooked accessory!
(Yes, the mirror is dirty again. I'm fully aware of that.)

pulling it all together...
black satin skinnies: BCBG
black flowy tank: William Rast for Target, via Goodwill
pink plaid shirt: Can't remember tag, via Goodwill. Silk, so it hangs scrumptiously.
heels: Can't remember the brand. Oh, blast. But these are some of the most awesome jumping on the stage/guitar playing shoes. The heel is set back a bit more than usual, which makes them super sturdy.
earrings: Oregon boutique
bracelets: forever 21, from friends, from mom-in-law
rings: Grams', Forever 21, Kenya
(The yellow nail polish is the cheap NYC stuff in taxi cab yellow. Some asked. If I were to do it again, I'd go with a better quality one. This stuff requires 3 coats to not be see-through-y.)

A closer look at the accessories... and the wrinkle on my forehead.

So many times we just wear the same "base" outfit and change up what I would maybe call the "punch factor."
Do you realize that? Being aware of that habit can make getting dressed fast in the mornings SO much easier. It can also make shopping much easier, because you can drum down whether you're in need of "base" stuff or "punch" stuff... or something different altogether.
It can also come in handy when you've fallen into a rut and are feeling rather blah about your clothing but don't know what to do about it.
Always wear skinnies as a part of your "base?" Try a cropped boyfriend cut.
Stuck in the rut of bootcut? Try a straight leg... or a wide-leg over some cute flats.
Always use a bright color as your "punch" over denim? Try this summer's neutral trend!

I'm just realizing that could be a whole other blog post in and of itself.


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegas, Baby!!!

To celebrate an amazing 15 years of marriage, Nate's mom came to watch the kids and we hopped a plane to Vegas, Baby!!!
(That's actually how Nate put it on our iCal, by the way. It said "Vegas, Baby!!" over the five days we were to be gone. But, he only put two exclamation points, because he always seems to do them in even numbers. Me? I always use odd... which you already know if you're an observer of my writing style in any capacity.)

Back in February we were discussing it. Nate said we needed to go somewhere to celebrate.
I said we really shouldn't. That would cost money. Money that should go to other things.
He insisted.

Vegas is an el-cheap-o place to go where we would have no responsibilities of schedule or needing to see anyone/do anything in particular.
(Not that I wouldn't want to see people! I love all of you!!!) * <-- See. Odd number.* BUT, we knew if we went somewhere, it should be somewhere like that, where we could truly just get away.
And, the thing is, all throughout our busy, crazy spring the thought of being whisked away by my beloved hubby to lay by the pool and sleep in sustained me.
In essence, he was right.
We needed to go.
(There. I said it.)

We got to Vegas, Baby!!!, checked into the Flamingo ($38 a night rate! He's so good at finding the best deals), dropped our bags, and promptly went...
where else???
(It was a two mile walk. Nate figured out where to cross streets and even how to get across the highway on Google Earth before we went. I love this man!!!) * <-- See? Odd again.*

The shops they have in Vegas are unbelievable. I kept gasping at every new couture shop. Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, D&G, DvF, Bulgari, Pucci, Elie Tahari, Louis Vuitton and beyond. Nate got used to me gasping and pointing. We walked through Gucci, and I fell in love even more with Gucci Flora, which I first fell in love with at Heathrow on the way back from Kenya.
So, if anyone is wanting to buy me some perfume... (the new summer version, fyi)

(That says Herve Leger, if you can't read it.)
AND, I actually went IN a Louboutin store. No, I didn't take any pics. I reached for the camera once, but suddenly felt funny trying to capture the "event" of it.  =^)  So I chickened out.

It was funny to see all that high end fashion, though, and think how many pieces I've found at Goodwill for just dollars.
I think I am ruined for the quality of the stores we passed, but not because I buy their clothes from THEM.  =^)
(Although, I am a proponent of spending more on quality denim that is perfect. I drooled over the True Relgion, Paige and 7 for all Mankind stores.)

Hanging by the pool was... was... what would the right word be? "Aaaaahhhhh..." Except it got pretty crazy on Friday right before we left. I guess we chose right going during the week. Here's a glimpse:

Honey, smile...

No, SMILE...

Ooooooo... *wink*
(We're silly. It's what we do best.)

Vegas bride...

We had a perfect anniversary dinner at The Range steakhouse. (The flash was bright. Shush.)

Yes, kissy, kissy.
It's my blog. I can show a kissy picture of us on our anniversary!!!

Look what they brought us. Our Oregon-born waiter was so sweet.

Hangin' on the strip. You can catch a glimpse of a little polka dot number I scored on sale at H&M.
Yep!!! H&M. It was glorious.

We enjoyed a couple of shows (Le Reve & Jublilee), ate at a buffet, layed by the pool (Wait. I already said that.), slept in, and just spent some wonderful time being together.
We don't gamble. Losing a bunch of money just for a chance at winning some money doesn't seem logical to me.
However, to some people it must really make sense, especially right after getting married, evidently.

Hey, there are flamingos at the Flamingo!

I'm so thankful to be married to the man who is perfect for me. Neither of us are perfect, but we are perfect for each other.
(Together now: "Aaaawwwww...")

And just because it's my blog and I can,
another kissy picture. *wink*

I love you, Honey.
What an adventurous life I live with you. Thanks for being my support; my constant amidst the chaos.
God sure knew what He was doing, even if we didn't.  =^)

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who's Got Talent?

These guys do.
Holy freaking Cow of Talent.

We came across them doing their thang out front of the Miracle Mile Shops on the strip in Vegas.
I saw them doing this, so I KNOW it's physically possible... it's just still hard to believe that doing this stuff is physically possible.
I had to whip out the camera and capture some of it.

These guys need to be discovered!
America's Got Talent... So You Think You Can Dance... America's Best Dance Crew
They already have my vote!

And the whole little-brother-looking-up-to-big-brother thing just pulls on your heart.

Maybe someone will come across these videos, find these kids and give them their big break?
Let's hope.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Off Celebrating in Vegas

Yesterday we hopped on a plane and headed to Vegas to celebrate our 15th Anniversary!!!
Nate's mom is with the kids, and we are enjoying our plan-less days with pools and food and sleeping in.
An, glorious.

Us on the airplane. (I'm trying to be posh.)

Me grumbling on the airplane because someone was using my iPad and I wanted to use it.
(He handed it over shortly after this picture.)   =^)

Us, just moments ago, in McDonald's taking advantage of the free wi-fi and being posh again.
Because it's Vegas. In the morning. And I'm posh like that.
(Nate's just annoyed I'm making him lean in for the pic.)

Adventures so far include much fleshly scenery... and since the kids aren't with us we can make our comments outloud to each other at will. Muah-ha-ha-ha...

Off to enjoy the day...
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boys & Pictures

For reasons that are mostly beyond my understanding, it seems impossible to get a *normal picture of my three boys.
However, I say mostly beyond my understanding because, after all, they are boys.
And therein lies the majorty of the explanation.

Case in point: A recent series of shots before haircut night a couple of weeks back, where Taylor was determined NOT to look into the camera and Jordan and Ian were laughing so hard I was surprised there was not a puddle of urine on the floor afterward.
(It was shortly hereafter that Ian donned the mullet.)

*Normal is a relative term. So, if this represents the average picture results for our family, then these would, in fact, be normal. Anything with children facing the camera and smiling would, in fact, be abnormal.
Normal is relative.
Just like the terms "sane" or "sanity."
Those are also relative.
Especially to mothers who have boys.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WoF: You won't realize... much you need to be there until you're actually there.
And even if you've been in the past and think you know what to expect...
you don't.

Are you a leader?
You need this.
Are you a woman who goes day-to-day longing for some kind of boost? Some kind of inspiration?
You need this.
Do you hunger for girl time, where you can be you... truly?
(Because, seriously. I'm totally me. And you can totally be you with me. You know that.)
You need this.
Do you long to go deeper, wider, higher in life, but aren't sure how to get there?
You need this.
Are you reading this thinking you don't need this?

(If you've forgotten or don't know, click that link.)
And it's just magnified this year because I've already heard the speakers/artists.
(Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, Andy Andrews, Mandisa, Nicole Johnson, Sandi Patty, AMY GRANT!!!!!!  ...and more.)
Yes, the conference is good every year.
But this year???
Oh, Lordy, Lordy.
Yes, it's changed my life bit by bit and been foundational for me.
Yes, my husband practically kicks me out of the house every year (because some years I do drag my feet, because I live life just like you do) because he sees the difference when I come home!
(This. Is. So. True. Just ask him.)
But this year...
THIS year...
I'm anticipating it to be one of the best years yet.

Women of Faith has made some changes in their recent history. And although I was brought into these changes skeptical and a little dragging my feet, I now see how wonderful they are and that I am better for them.
YOU will be better for them.
Which is why God led me to sign up to bring a group this year, because you need this as much as I do.
The past few years I've just gone with one friend, or a small group. But the One who leads my steps was pretty darn clear last fall that I need to kick it into gear and share what has made such a profound impact on my life to date.

So... I'm leading a group.
I need to have all of my tickets sold and paid for by mid-July.
Then we'll party it up in Denver September 30th and October 1st!!!
$89 covers your tickets for ALL day, BOTH days, PLUS lunches!
(For those driving from the surrounding areas, we'll work out hotel splits and a carpool/caravan to keep the costs down for all.)

Some of you reading this have thought, "How can I commit this far out? I don't even know what I'm going to be doing then. What kids will have sports stuff... what other things will be on my calendar..."
And I'M TELLING YOU your life can't afford not to commit this far out. (That's a double negative sentence. I know. It's for impact.) Because if you don't commit now and make it a priority, you probably won't commit then.
And this is life-changing.

Some of you reading this are thinking, "But, $89? By mid-July? How?"
And I'm telling you that's why I've been telling you about it! So you could plan!
But even at that, you can pay part now, and part then.
You can do it.

Some of you reading this have thought before, "Gee, this Angela girl can be kind of goofy sometimes, but I really connect with her perspective. I wish I could get more of the input she gets in life."
Well, THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Which means if you don't live within a few hours' drive from me, you need to either fly here in the fall and come... or find the Women of Faith conference in your area and go. I can get you the ticket for that, too!!!)

I'm not telling you you need to come because I gain anything from this.
I don't.
(Except that you will be happier, so I will be happier, so in fact maybe I do gain something.)
I'm telling you to come because I know what Women of Faith has been to me over the years.
So I know what it can be to you.
(Which is why I'm leading a group. Which is work. But SO worth it!)
Invaluable. Indispensable. The strength to fight. The strength to persevere. The reminder to love. The reminder that we're not alone. The reminder that we can't do it all... and that we don't have to do it all.
Time with girlfriends. Time with yourself. Time with mentors.
Time for God to speak deeply to your heart.

And He does.
And He will.
And He has. To me. Every single year since 2000.

a deposit of $20 will hold your ticket.
And then all you have to do is pay the remainder before mid-July!!!
You can do that by either
a. Writing me a check, or
b. Going to my group's site here (or clicking the button at the top of this page), signing up for the group, waiting for me to approve you (which I will), and then paying online with your credit card.

It's that easy.

Think about it. Pray about it.
If you're married, ask your husband, "Honey, would you take care of things for a two days (which, really, is only about 36 hours) so I can go somewhere that will help me be a better wife and mom?"
If you're single, ask your friends, "Hey, do you want to come with me to this thing that's going to encourage us how to live our lives to the fullest and show us how to deal with those idiots that really get on our nerves?"
And if you're a mom of a daughter 17 or older, ask her, "Hey, do you want to come with me to this girls' thing that's going to be fun and have awesome music and really great speakers?"
And then follow that up with, "I'll pay for your ticket!"
(A tip: If you're thinking about it right now, you're supposed to reserve a ticket. Stop putting it off. Do it. God takes care of the rest. He has for me. Every year. If you want to hear stories of His provision, just ask.)

I'm going to party at Women of Faith this fall!!!
Who's coming with me???
(I know Sandi will be there!)

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Tip Friday: Icky to Easy Hair

Today there has been lots of running around.
Kids here. Kids there. Kids, kids everywhere.
What can I say? It's summer.
Today has been an I'm-Not-Doing-My-Hair-or-Wearing-Makeup Day, because of the running around.
And I just darn well didn't feel like it.
Plus, I'm about to hop in the shower to get ready for a thing this evening, and why would I do my makeup this morning before taking a shower and washing it all off just to do it again?

My hair is not clean... and not the it-still-looks-okay not clean.
Like, the kind of ick where it doesn't even look okay to just pull it up.
Well, maybe it would... but I was looking for an excuse to wear my Sak Saum Gator, so this was it.
(I'm not sure why they named it that, but it basically can be anything you want it to be. I've worn it around my neck while hiking before.)

This works with any large headband if you do it right. One of my tricks is to pull my hair up high so I don't look bald and sweep a bit of my fringe to the side, pinning it under the gator so it peeks out and gives a bit of dimension.
I also add earrings so it's a bit more feminine.
The sunglasses add a touch of glamour... which if I was really going there I could sweep on some bright lipstick.
But I didn't.
They also *ahem* hide the fact that I'm not wearing any eye-makeup. That's a true celebrity trick, using sunglasses to hide your eyes so you still look pulled together, sans makeup.
Which, I'm not a celebrity... but I can still use their tricks. *Muah-ha-ha-ha....*
(That's the evil laugh, in case you couldn't tell. It's much akin to the sneaky laugh.)

I feel a bit late 50's in this outfit. Maybe funky 50's? Early 60's? Looking at this picture makes me want to pair it with a sweeping, floor-length yet casual dress and say "dah-ling" a lot.

I'm also showcasing my new Sally Hansen nail polish. We'll see how it does. I always get bubbles no matter what I do, and this is supposed to be all polishing steps in one bottle... therefore *hopefully* making it easier for me to get no-bubble polished nails.
(Many have tried to advise me as to what's causing the bubbles, but nothing ever works to prevent them. I think it's just me. I seem to be the variable.)

Anywhoo, summer is here, so let your hair have a break and use my Icky to Easy trick.
Heck, contact Sak Saum, have a party, and buy a few gators!
You'll not only look good, you'll be supporting something good.

pulling it all together...
Gator: Sak Saum
Hoops: Some cheapy hoop combo from somewhere like Target
Polish: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Calypso Blue
Sunglasses: Wal-Mart (Yes, I dislike Wal-Mart. But, they're sunglasses are great.)
Vest: Thrifted

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A modern-day Holocaust is going on right before our eyes.
Do not choose to remain numbed by statistics and numbers.
We must choose to become informed... we must not turn a blind eye... we must act... 
because of each ONE.

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