Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I know...

I don't claim to know a whole lot.
Like, KNOW know.
Usually, I just claim to have thoughts that have sprung from experiences.
Those thoughts somehow come to makeup what I know.
Not KNOW know.
As in, genius people that actually KNOW things.
But, just what I know.
(In Angela Land this totally makes sense.)

What I know...

*Big fluffy comforters are much more snuggly to sleep under than thin comforters.

*Fake mustaches are an excellent investment for any family.

*Fashion tape (ie the stuff that keeps low cut dresses in place and bra straps from showing at the Oscars) is great for applying fake mustaches to upper lips.

*You feel better about life if you have a clean house.

*A clean house doesn't solve your life's problems.
It solves some of them, but you're still gong to have to deal with the others.
A clean house doesn't mean you can ignore the others.

*Sometimes you feel better about things if you use the word "issues" to describe your troubles instead of "problems."

*It's okay to distance yourself from someone if you feel like you're supposed to distance yourself from someone.
And you don't need to feel guilty about it.
There are other people that are supposed to be moving closer to that someone as you are supposed to be distancing.
Hopefully they'll do what they're supposed to do, as you do what you're supposed to do.

*You can't take on someone else's role.
You just can't.
It doesn't work that way.

*Only you know what God is leading you to do. And only you know if you're being obedient or disobedient. Other people have wisdom and discernment, but it's up to you to listen to and obey the tug of the Holy Spirit. 

*You know. You DO know. You really do know. You may think you don't, but you actually do.
Deep down.
So stop thinking you're not sure.
Just listen... and realize you are sure.

*Rest is good. It helps us re-prioritize. Especially for new seasons.

*Obedience is better.

*I'm not a detailed person... as in, I don't seem to often notice details.
Unless it's in fashion or noticing the editing errors in written pieces other than my own (How could they not see that before they sent it to print?) or noticing the editing errors in movies. (Really? They thought no one would notice that her hair was tucked behind her ear, but after they cut to a side-shot it mysteriously isn't?)

*A life spent doing right is much more fulfilling than a life spent compromising on some things and telling yourself you're doing right.
(Because, you really do know. You just pretend you don't so you don't have to be accountable.)

*It's never too late to stop... and start doing what you already know is right.

*So often it's not about what is right and wrong, but what is wise and unwise.

*King David really got it right. Like, really.
He got it wrong, too... and then he stopped... and got it right.

*Some eye creams make your eyes burn. But it doesn't mean you should stop using eye creams altogether.

*Worship always brings fresh perspective.

*A good husband is hard to find. But once you find him, hold onto him.
Invest in your relationship.
Sometimes agree to disagree, because it's not always about being right... but about being wise.

*Relish the moments life brings you.
Because it goes by fast, and it would be awful to wake up one day and realize you'd missed the moments.

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