Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Heel Condoms???

I know.
Some of you just clicked into this post wondering what in the heck you were even going to be seeing.
And some of you just clicked into this post ready to yell at me via email for being inappropriate.
(Yes, you know who you are. *wink*)

I stumbled across these on The Shoe Girl's Blog the other day and was both mesmerized and horrified at the same time.

GREAT product idea.


Heel Condoms can instantly transform any pair of heels, it seems to be.
So fun! But, it just sounds so... so... repulsive!
I know they're naming it that so people will remember the product. But, seriously? I don't want to remember the name.
(I thought they would be more like rain covers for your designer stilettos, you know?)

But, they're really onto something.
I haven't actually tried them, so I don't know how the quality factor is. It seems that other "transform your heels" type products can look/feel quite cheap.
However, the price is decent, and the pictures look good.
(The black feathers and the leopard print are my favs.)

(All photos taken from

They have a lot more styles on their site. None are really simple, but they do get pretty wild!
If anyone actually winds up ordering these, drop me a line and let me know how they are... and then I'll report back to everyone else.

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