Monday, May 23, 2011

Rest - Revisited

Today begins my week of rest.
Well, my Monday through Friday of rest... the kids' last few days in school.
And, really, it's during-the-day rest, because our evenings are still full of activities.
But, it is rest, nonetheless!!!

After much prayer and thought, it was pretty clear Someone was giving very specific instructions about this week.
No appointments. No coffee dates. No lunch dates. No meetings.
Just me-time.

To rest.

To get some things done around the house if I want... or not.
To lay on the couch and blog hop if I want... or not.
To climb back in bed after the kids leave for school... or not.
To tackle the pile of laundry in the laundry room... or not.
To wade through my overloaded inbox if I feel so inclined... or not.

I'm not sure if it will involve any thrifting. It may.
Or it may not.
I know it will involve a wardrobe of sweatpants and sweatshirts and hairbands.
Or maybe it will involve a summery dress and new sandals. (If I can find any I stinking approve of! Ugh. What IS it with expensive but cheaply made summer footwear? Absolutely not acceptable. If you're going to be cheaply made, you better be on darn good sale. And if you follow me on twitter, you already know I'm frustrated about this.)
Or it may not.

What I know is, this week I'm resting. And each moment it will look like whatever it's going to look like in that moment.
(How very existential of me.)

Right now it looks like me snuggled up on the couch under my favorite blankie with my favorite ferret asleep on my tummy.
In a few minutes it may still look like that.
Or it may not.
That's the beauty of this week of rest.

 Obedience is always the very best place to live.
Not always the easiest, but always the best.
Because He's the one who knows what we need... so much more that we do.
I'm so thankful He's a caring God who has my very best at the heart of everything He leads me into.


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