Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Son Has A Mullet

There are probably other things I could title this post, but I'm still reeling from the fact that it's actually true...
so, I'm going with the obvious.

Sunday was hair cut night.
Nate: "Hey, anyone want a mullet?"
Ian: "What's a mullet?"
Nate googles "Mullet" and clicks on "images."

Ian falls in love.

So, when Nate grabs the shears I'm thinking it will be kind of a "faux-mullet"
...much like a "faux-hawk."
I turn my back for five seconds and turn back around to find the guard off the shears and the side of Ian's head shaved clean nearly to the top.
I won't lie, I did start to panic.
There may have been some raised voices. (Alright, just mine.)
I may have said some unkind things to my husband...
and then noticed how big Ian was smiling.
"It'll be COOL, Mom!"

I have to settle for the silver lining that my youngest son will indeed laugh in the face of human opinion, and he will most likely live an adventurous and full life, free from the confines of what society deems presentable.
Because he does, truly, love his mullet.

(For the record, his shirt says "You're not that bad, I'm just that awesome.")

Ian went to school Monday with a huge grin on his face, leaving one bewildered mother at home.
Over and over he kept saying, "Business up front, party in the back."

I'm now left trying to shush his older brothers as they're encouraging him to grow the back even longer and keep the front short.

God gives grace.
And I think He has on reserve an extra large portion for mothers, specifically for times like this.

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